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Council of Protestant Churches of Cameroon

(Conseil des Eglises Protestantes du Cameroun, CEPC)

Founded in 2005 (forerunners: Federation of Protestant Churches and Missions in Cameroon, founded in 1969, and Evangelical Federation of Cameroon and West Africa, founded in 1943).

Basis: To be a member a church must accept the holy scriptures as the only authority for the teaching of the gospel and in all matters of faith, and respect the traditions, doctrines, and liturgical and administrative forms of the other member churches.

The Council is organized in ten regional sections.

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African Protestant Church

Anglican Church

Cameroon Baptist Convention

Evangelical Church of Cameroon

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon

Fraternal Lutheran Church of Cameroon

Native Baptist Church of Cameroon

Presbyterian Church in Cameroon

Presbyterian Church of Cameroon

Union of Baptist Churches of Cameroon

Union of Evangelical Churches in Cameroon

Assoziierte Mitglieder
(Unter den ÖRK-Mitgliedern)
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Christian Mission

Full Gospel Mission in Cameroon

Mission of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon

Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Cameroon

Seventh-day Adventist Church

Worldwide Mission in Cameroon