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National Council of Churches in India

Founded in 1921 as the National Christian Council of India, Burma and Ceylon, which became the National Council of Churches in India in 1979 (forerunner: the National Missionary Council of India, formed in 1912).

Basis: Full membership is open to churches and regional Christian councils which are in sympathy with and subscribe to the objectives of the National Council of Churches in India.

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Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church

Arcot Lutheran Church

Bengal-Orissa-Bihar Baptist Convention

Chaldean Syrian Church of the East

Church of North India

Church of South India

Convention of Baptist Churches of the Northern Circars

Council of Baptist Churches in North East India

Council of Baptist Churches of Northern India

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Madhya Pradesh

Good Samaritan Evangelical Lutheran Church

Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chotanagpur

Hindustani Covenant Church

India Evangelical Lutheran Church

Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church

Malabar Independent Syrian Church

Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church

Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Mar Thoma Syrian Church

Mennonite Brethren Church

Mennonite Church in India

Methodist Church in India

Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church

Presbyterian Church of India

Salvation Army

Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches

South Andhra Lutheran Church

Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church

The National Organization of the New Apostolic Church

Regional councils:

Andhra Pradesh Council of Churches

Bengal Christian Council

Bihar Council of Churches

Chhattisgarh Christian Council

Gujarat Council of Churches

Karnataka Christian Council

Kerala Council of Churches

Madhya Pradesh Christian Council

Maharashtra Council of Churches

North East India Christian Council

North West India Frontier Christian Council

North West India Christian Council

Santalia Council of Churches

Tamil Nadu Christian Council

Utkal Christian Council

Uttar Pradesh Council of Churches

All India Christian Organizations:

All India Association for Christian Higher Education

Association of Theologically Trained Women of India

Bible Society of India

Christian Association for Radio and Audio Visual Services

Christian Union of India

Ecumenical Council for Drought Action and Water Management

Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

Inter-Church Service Association

Leprosy Mission

Lott Carey Baptist Mission in India

National Council of YMCAs of India

National Missionary Society of India

Student Christian Movement of India

United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India

Young Women’s Christian Association of India

Assoziierte Mitglieder
(Unter den ÖRK-Mitgliedern)
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Related Agencies:

All India Sunday School Association

Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society

Christian Literature Society

Christian Medical Association of India

Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action

Ecumenical Church Loan Fund – India

Henry Martyn Institute