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Methodistische Kirche von Puerto Rico

Kirchenfamilie :
Hauptsitz in :
Vertreten in :
Mitgliederzahl : 12.000
Pastoren/-innen : 170
Gemeinden : 100
Mitglied von :
Assoziiertes Mitglied von :
WCC Member Since : 2005
Website :

(Iglesia Metodista de Puerto Rico)

The Methodist Church of Puerto Rico is the fruit of mission work which was started in 1900 by what is now the United Methodist Church. In 1972 the church was offered some autonomy. It became fully autonomous in 1992. The church is very well organized in a self-sustaining structure, with care for the faithful: children, youth, lay and clergy members and the aged. Women have leadership positions in the church hierarchy and in the community, as ordained pastors or lay members. The laity participate very actively in the life of the church.

The IMPR is involved in mission and diakonia, in the defence of human rights, in issues of social justice, and in educational projects. It runs several day-care, primary and secondary schools, and is a member of the Puerto Rico Theological Seminary. The church is pro-active in ecumenical relationships and cooperation in the country and the region. It maintains close relationships with the United Methodist Church.

As of 2006 the Annual Conference of the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico is called Connexial Conference and meets every two years. The General Conference meets every six years.

Last updated:01/01/06