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The Anglican Consultative Council

In 1968, the bishops of the Lambeth conference requested the establishment of a body representative of all sections (bishops, clergy and laity) of the churches, which could coordinate aspects of international Anglican ecumenical and mission work. With the consent of the legislative bodies of all the provinces, the Anglican Consultative Council was established in 1969, and has met regularly since.

The Anglican Communion consists of an estimated 80 million Christians who are members of 44 different churches. These make up 34 provinces, four united churches, and six smaller churches, spread across the globe. Of these, 29 provinces and 7 churches are members of the WCC. The Anglican Consultative Council has a permanent secretariat, the Anglican Communion office, based in London, which also serves the other instruments of communion. The secretariat is responsible for organizing all meetings of the conciliar instruments of communion, as well as the commissions and networks of the communion.

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Anglican Church of Central America

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Bermuda (Extra-Provincial to Canterbury)

Church of the Province of South East Asia

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui

Episcopal Church of Cuba

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