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Friends World Committee for Consultation

Founded in 1937 in response to a need for a place where Friends from the four traditions can relate to each other, the Friends World Committee for Consultation is composed of yearly meetings from around the world. Having no executive authority over its constituent yearly meetings, the FWCC aims both to promote a deeper understanding among Friends of different nations and faith traditions, and to represent Friends at world bodies such as the World Council of Churches, the Catholic Church, and the United Nations, where it holds general consultative status recognized by the Economic and Social Council. The office of the FWCC is in London.

The FWCC has 103 member yearly meetings, representing 368,000 Christians. The Friends United Meeting (28 Yearly Meetings) and the Friends General Conference (14 Yearly Meetings) in the USA, as well the Canadian Yearly Meeting are members of the WCC.

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Member Yearly Meetings of the Friends World Committee for Consultation


Central and Southern Africa Yearly Meeting (Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa,
Zambia & Zimbabwe)
Burundi Yearly Meeting
Congo Yearly Meeting
Kinshasa Monthly Meeting (DRC)
Hill House Monthly Meeting (Ghana)
Kenya – 15 Yearly Meetings (indirect member of WCC through Friends United Meeting)
Port Harcourt Worship Group (Nigeria)
Tanzania – 2 Yearly Meetings
Uganda Yearly Meeting (indirect member of WCC through Friends United Meeting)



Aotearoa New Zealand Yearly Meeting
Australia Yearly Meeting
India – 4 Yearly Meetings
Hong Kong Monthly Meeting (China SAR)
Japan Yearly Meeting
Seoul Monthly Meeting (Korea)


Cuba Yearly Meeting (indirect member of WCC through Friends United Meeting)
Jamaica Yearly Meeting (indirect member of WCC through Friends United Meeting)


Austria Quarterly Meeting (of German YM)
Belgium and Luxemburg Monthly Meeting
Britain Yearly Meeting
Czech Republic: Prague Worship group
Denmark Yearly Meeting
Finland Yearly Meeting
France Yearly Meeting
German Yearly Meeting
Greece (Athens Christian Friends Meeting – of Ohio YM)
Hungary: Budapest Worship Group
Iceland: Kópavogur Worship Group
Ireland Yearly Meeting
Lithuania: Kaunas Quaker Group
Netherlands Yearly Meeting
Norway Yearly Meeting
Russia: Moscow Monthly Meeting
Spain: Barcelona Monthly Meeting
Sweden Yearly Meeting
Switzerland Yearly Meeting

Middle East:

Middle East Yearly Meeting (Palestine and Lebanon)

North America

Canadian Yearly Meeting
Evangelical Friends Church-Mid-America
Friends General Conference (USA – 13 Yearly Meetings)
Friends United Meeting (11 Yearly Meetings in the USA)
Intermountain Yearly Meeting (USA)
Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) (USA)
North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) (USA)
North Pacific Yearly Meeting (USA)
Northwest Yearly Meeting (USA)
Ohio Yearly Meeting (Conservative) (USA)
Pacific Yearly Meeting (USA)

Latin America:

Evangelical Church Star of Bethlehem (Bolivia)
Evangelical Church Bolivian Union of Friends
Friends National Evangelical Church (Bolivia)
Central Yearly Meeting of Friends (Bolivia)
Friends Bolivian Holiness Mission
Church of the Friends in El Salvador
Friends National Evangelical Church of Guatemala
Friends Holiness Yearly Meeting (Guatemala)
Friends Yearly Meeting of Honduras
Religious Society of the Friends Evangelical Churches (Mexico)
General Meeting of the Friends in Mexico
Friends National Evangelical Church of Peru

Associate Members:
(Within the WCC membership)
Other Associate Members: