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Prayers for Korea

Prayers for peace in Korean Peninsula

Prayer by Dr. Sang Chang, president of the the World Council of Churches Asia region

Liturgy from the National Council of Churches in USA



God of life, God of peace, God of justice!

Together we pray for the people of Korea,

in the north and in the south,

for young and old,

for women and men,

for the powerful and the powerless,

for those who have a strong faith and those who have lost hope,

for all

who thirst and long for peace,

for a just peace,

for a sustainable, lasting peace

that can bring the gifts of renewed kinship and friendship,

for a peace in the mind and peace in the land

so that the peninsula and the people of Korea

can be a sign

of the justice, hope and joy of your eternal reign.

God in your mercy!

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of the World Council of Churches


God of life,

We bring before you the people in Korea, from Unggi in the Northeast to Seogwipo on Jeju Island in the South. You know them by name. You know of their suffering over centuries, their longing for freedom and for self-determination. You know their journey since 1950 when the war began – a war that did not end since then.

We stand in solidarity with your people on the Korean Peninsula and we pray for peace and justice, for an end of the threats of nuclear weapons and all kinds of military actions, for the right of self-determination for the people in Korea and for a future of hope.

Jesus, redeemer of the world

We bring before you the people in Korea, from Unggi in the Northeast to Seogwipo on Jeju Island in the South. You know them by name.  You know of their hurts because of all the injustices and divisions they have been facing. Families divided, not knowing of one another’s joys and pains. Prejudices are bearing bitter fruits of fear of the others.

We stand in solidarity with your people on the Korean Peninsula and pray for an end of this division, for ways to get to know one another and to recognize the brother, the sister, for reconciliation and for healing.

Holy Spirit, source of new beginnings

We bring before you the people in Korea, from Unggi in the Northeast to Seogwipo on Jeju Island in the South. You know them by name in their longing for life in abundance and in restored relationships.  And you know of the suffering of the earth because of the military presence and the exploitation of natural resources.

We stand in solidarity with your people on the Korean Peninsula and we pray for healing, not only of the souls, but also of the nature and for new ways of living in harmony with one another and with mother earth.

Triune God, God of mercy, justice and peace, hear our prayer.

Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, World Methodist Council, Geneva Secretary


Prayer for peace on the Korean peninsula

We pray to you, thinking of Koreans who have been hurt by long division and fear of war. Divided reality has given people unbelief and pains too long.

This reality is on-going suffering and it causes our pain and struggles in the communion of the global church.

Lord, Peace on the Korean peninsula is not just theirs. The peace of the world can be made closer through peace on the Korean peninsula.

Now, we join a campaign to remember the 70th years of Korean War and to engage the world churches for the support of peace treaty and reconciliation of North and South Korea.  Bless this historic moment as the Korean church and the world church are joining again for this significant liberation and freedom.

Do you remember the many people who have lived a scissored life every day? How long, Lord?

Tears shed so long and it shed to all over the world, as they struggle and miss our separated family and friends.

We thanked the Lord to see the leaders of the South and the North Korea stopping  the cold war and talk and exchange with such visionary stage. We thrilled to see the Lord grant the initial step toward the peace to the Korean peninsula after seeing the leaders of North Korea and the United States meet and share a dream of reconciliation.

Lord, May you be a mediator. And create a relationship of reconciliation, not a tragedy and confrontation anymore.

Use your cross as a sign of the end of division and help us to begin to love one another. Help the Christians scattered around the world to share in the 2020 year for building the peace and reconciliation.

We pray earnestly in the name of the Lord. Amen

Bishop Hee-Soo Jung, presiding bishop of Wisconsin Annual Conference and president of General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church


Lord Jesus Christ, our God,

You said to Your disciples, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.”  We come before You in humility and ask that Your peace which surpasses all understanding will descend upon all people around the world, especially those currently in conflict and at war. Increase understanding and forgiveness between nations.  Awaken the longing for a peaceful life in all those who are filled with hatred for their neighbor.  Extinguish every dispute and banish all temptations to disagreement. Grant wisdom to civil authorities.  Free those held captive, protect those in danger, and comfort those who are suffering and displaced.  Implant in all of us reverence for You, and confirm us in love for one another. For You are the King of Peace and the Savior of our souls and to You we give glory together with Your eternal Father and Your most-holy, gracious and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and forever. Amen.

Archbishop Job, Ecumenical Patriarchate


A Prayer for the Peace of our Children “Lord! Help Us to Keep the Promise of Peace”


We saw adults of South and North Korea met at Panmunjom

and promised peace two years ago.


It is too sad that the promise of peace

is not yet fulfilled.


We heard that the Panmunjom Declaration and Pyongyang Declaration

are the fastest way to reach the inter-Korean peace.


We pray that we will be able to keep the promise of peace together with the cooperation of great powers around us.


We are afraid that the promise of peace may not be kept and that North and South Korea might distrust each other again. Let the South and the North unite with each other!

We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ.



A Prayer for the Peace of our Youth and Young People “The 70th Anniversary of the Start of the Korean War: Prayer for the Reconciliation of the Korean Peninsula”

Eternal God,

Koreans are still suffering from the scars of war.

We often see the painful wounds of the past in the present whenever ideologies of division and confrontation, hostility and conflict block reconciliation and threaten peace.

God, who leads us to hope,

We pray that you give us the power of the Holy Spirit to restore all the broken things so that we may go forward to reconciliation and peace in the face of frustration and pain.

Just as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are united, and give the grace of eternity,

We pray that you give us a new day of grace for the South and the North to become one.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as we pray for the national reconciliation.


Hae Rin Park, Vice President, NCCK and Jun Hyuk Son


God of love,

We confess

that we have been unable to love our enemies, as you have commanded.

We confess

that we have been more efficient in waging war than in negotiating peace.

We confess

that we have lost our trust in your guidance as the Lord of history.

Grant us faith

that peace is possible on the Korean Peninsula even after 70 years of war.

Grant us hope

that our feeble efforts to promote peace with justice will bear abundant fruit.

Grant us love

that encourages us to overcome suspicion and hatred with open hearts and minds.

Prince of Peace,

help us to discover the truth in ourselves so that we can become agents of reconciliation; pour your mercy upon Korea, and likewise on the rest of this troubled world.


Erich Weingartner, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

A Prayer for A Nuclear-Free World*

God of freedom and liberation!

Facing the 93rd anniversary of the 1919 Independence Movement,
we remember our ancestors,
who believed in the God of the Exodus and courageously rose up toward a future of life.

With the sincere faith of conscience, and the hope of a joyful life for future generations,
they declared this nation's right to life, freedom and independence,
and they prayed for true peace in Northeast Asia and the world.

But now at the start of the 21st century
we witness, with worried and fearful hearts,
that this beautiful peninsula is covered by the dark cloud of nuclear weapons and power plants.

In this land where Rachel's lamenting over historical pains has not ceased,
and where the scars of suffering and wrongful death have not healed,
once again we see the shadow of death hanging over us.

On the current world historical stage,
North Korea has chosen nuclear weapons and South Korea has clung to nuclear energy.
The Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia
have become the world's most dangerous nuclear minefield,
surrounded by nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants.

O God, hear our prayers of lament and repentance!

We lament the foolishness of humanity,
which despite the experience of two world wars in the 20th century,
is still caught in the vicious cycle of increasing wars and weaponry.

We repent that human greed and selfishness has led us
to pour astronomical amounts of money and resources into the arms race,
even as countless children are starving to death in our global village.

Awaken us to realize
that our true security lies not in nuclear weapons
but in trusting you and respecting our neighbors.

O God, who watches the empires rise and fall!

Grant wisdom to our governments and corporations,
that they may turn away from their worship of the idol of unlimited economic growth,
which makes the strong prey on the weak.
May they instead choose the way of cosmic truth:
the life of conviviality with all living beings, humans and nature.

As we confess and repent of our sins of greed and consumerism in  pursuit of nuclear power, grant us humble hearts and simple lives.
Awaken us to know
that true wealth is found not in the accumulation of material goods
but in a creative, sharing life.

May we learn that nuclear weapons and nuclear energy are not compatible with peace.
Lead us to be free from nuclear preoccupation.
Awaken us to know that our true strength is not in nuclear power but in love and justice.

O God, hear our prayers!

Grant us the courage to go through the narrow gate that leads to life,
not the wide gate that leads to destruction (Mt 7:13-14).
May we leave to our children not a painful and terrible heritage, but a life that uses natural energy from your created sun, wind and water.

O God, lead us Korean Christians
not to export nuclear power plants, an act that is contrary to your command of justice and love, but to live as your apostles of peace, teaching your life and peace.

Remembering that on the cross our Lord shared the suffering of the nuclear radiation victims,
and hoping that a new heaven and new earth of life and peace may be realized
from Mount Halla in the south to Mount Paekdu in the north,
throughout Northeast Asia and all the earth,
we pray in the name of Christ Jesus.


Rev Dr Hyunju Bae, Presbyterian Church of Korea, Central Committee member of the WCC

(* This prayer was written for the inaugural worship of the Korean Christian Network for a Nuclear-Free World, also known as the Korean Network for a World Free of Nuclear Power and Weapons, on March 1, 2012, to commemorate the 93rd anniversary of the 1919 Independence Movement against Japanese occupation and the first anniversary of Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster at once. The original Korean version was translated into English by Ms Maryon Kim, and modified by the author.)

Prayer for women and children in North Korea

God of life,

We give you thanks for your love that you have given yourself on the cross. May the love of Christ overflow our lives! Have mercy on us who are blocked by the walls of division and unable to care for each other’s pain.

God of mercy,

In the midst of economic sanctions and natural disasters, may you comfort the children and women who are doubly burden. May our hearts and hands reach them!

God of peace,

May the North and South Korean children walk shoulder to shoulder and women to join hands with joy. Help us to open up a world of life and peace.

In the name of Jesus Christ, who came to us with perfect love, we pray.


Ms Young Soo Han, Korea YWCA president

A Prayer for peace

Gracious God,

Lead us to peace and reunification! Our nation was once one country for over a thousand years during the Koryo and Joseon dynasties. However, foreign forces divided North and South Korea at the end of the Japanese occupation of Korea. Our nation is not just divided into two; but it went to war as if it displayed the pattern of the Cold War. The Korean War has deeply damaged both the North and the South, and we are not able to make progress towards peace and reunification because of the deep wounds. Lord, heal our deep wounds!

God of peace,

In the course of more than 70 years of division, there have been some efforts in the peace process. In 1972, we established the three principles of reunification, 1) independence, 2) peace, and 3) nation-wide unity in the 7.4 South and North Korea Joint Statement. In December 1991, we also signed the Agreement on Reconciliation, Nonaggression, and Exchanges and Cooperation. In June 2000, the historic inter-Korean summit was held in Pyongyang, and the “6.15 Joint Declaration” was made. In 2007, the “10.4 Inter-Korean Joint Declaration” was adopted. Eventually, due to the atmosphere of reconciliation after the 2018 Pyongchang Olympics, the leaders of North and South Korea adopted the 4.27 Panmunjom Declaration. Nevertheless, the path of peace that we expected was more difficult than we thought. Lord, have mercy on us!

God of salvation,

The foundation of all the South-North joint declarations has been the principle of national independence, which determines our own destiny. We still confess that we are the masters of this land and we have to work together for our self-reunification. Sadly, we see foreign forces on our path to reunification, just as the foreign powers divided our division. Within the framework of UN sanctions, the attempts of the government of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) to break through the inter-Korean relations, including the inter-Korean railroad projects and inter-Korean exchange cooperation have been interfered with by the foreign forces. God! Guide the neighbouring powers to seek the interests of the Korean people above their own interests instead! Above all, May the South and the North take courageous steps toward peace and reunification with deep trust and patience in each other in spite of any foreign interference. May the churches of Korea carry the cross of peace, becoming a bridge of peace that fills the deep gaps of the South-North conflict because of the wounds of division! Lord, lead us to peace and reunification!


Rev. Soon Jong Youg President, Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea

A Prayer by Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea

Prayer for an ending to the conflict between South and North Korea

Most merciful Lord, we confess to You, in a spirit of repentance and contrition, that even though 70 years have passed since the beginning of the civil war so catastrophic for our Country, we are still experiencing the drama of the division between North and South Korea, something which is against your Holy Will.

Lord, we ask you to forgive us and listen to the voices of your sinful servants praying for the end of the war on the Korean peninsula, so that our hearts and our countries may be once again united.

Lord, help us to fully acknowledge that only peace and harmony can safeguard the progress of a nation. Hostility is contrary to the very nature of the human being and Your holy will.

Lord, illumine the minds and hearts of the powerful of this world, so that they may assist in in bringing an end to this conflict and considering the interests of the Korean Nation above all other geopolitical interests.

Lord, we beseech you, the Lord of Peace, grant us your wisdom and light so that we may all work together for peace, goodwill and harmony among us.

Lord, make us worthy of handing over to the next generations a united Korean Peninsula, so that we may all live without the fear and agony of war, but with love, peace and security.

Because, Lord, you are our help and our power, and to you we ascribe glory, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages, Amen.

Prayer for the separated families


We have lived up to now with the sorrows of division and separated families because of the Korean War, which broke out due to the division of ideologies.

Loving God,

It has been 70 years since the division of the Korean Peninsula, and we, the churches of Korea, call out for your mercy on the divided families. We pray that we may walk the path of reunification, breaking the chains of division.

Gracious God,

We ask you to make one this divided country and unify the divided families from North and South Korea that yearn to be together. Make us reconcile with one another on the way to peaceful reconciliation!

Merciful God,

Hear our long-cherished desire of the entire Korean nation to put an end to the history of disgraceful division and now set us free from the chains of hatred. May we be united full of hope of New Heaven and Earth!

We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ who makes two into one.


Bishop Bo Hwan Youn Acting President, the Korean Methodist Church Council of Bishops Moderator, NCCK

Prayer for the living together of South and North Korea

Gracious God,

In school, we learn that we should get along with our friends.

When will the day come when the South and

North Korean friends will get along well with each other?

Merciful Lord,

We are told by adults that the drought is severe in North Korea.

It wold be great if we could help whenever they need help,

but we cannot help.

Almighty God,

Why do we need to get permission from some other country when we want to help each other?

Please help South and North Korea be the kind of good friends that,

whenever it is difficult for either of us or whenever we are hungry, we can help each other.

I pray that we Koreans in the South and the North learn to live well together in harmony.

Lord, help us now!

In Jesus’ name, we pray.


Hyun Woong Choi, Seoul Gangwol Elementary School, Seoul, South Korea


Prayer for reunification on the Korean Peninsula


It has been 70 years since the division of the Korean Peninsula.

The division is much older than the ages of my parents.

I hope now the North and the South become one.


I ask you to forgive us our sins of dividing this land that you made one.

May we become one Korean nation as brothers and sisters!

Help us to forgive and reconcile one another to realize the peace you give!

I do not have much to do as I am young, but I ask you to provide us love and peace that make everyone happy.


May the day come soon when the North and the South are peacefully united!

We pray in Jesus’ name,


Yebin Park, Daelim Elementary School, Seoul, South Korea


Prayer for a world without war


I heard that even at this moment there are both large and small-scale conflicts in every corner of the globe. Can you stop wars and let there be peace all around the world?


You told us to love one another, but we wage wars, I ask you forgive our sins.


I also heard that the region of Northeast Asia is a place where long conflicts have continued.

I pray that people repent of their sins so you, dear God, keep peace preventing the dark clouds of war.


The painful things of the past cannot be repeated again today.

May the wrongdoers first admit that they did something wrong and apologize to the victims!

Lead us to only in good ways!

May the region of Northeast Asia be a place of world peace!

We pray in Jesus’ name,


Yaein Kim, Mirae Elementary School, Seoul, South Korea


Prayer for young people being God's instruments of justice and peace

God of peace,

We confess that you have sent us to the Korean peninsula,

where the North and the South were divided, to become a peacemaker.

God of justice,

Even though we are students who are faithful to study,

help us to contribute to the peace process.

Open our eyes to see the greater things in the Kingdom of God!

Help us to devote ourselves to peace and reunification on the Korean Peninsula!

God of mercy,

Pour out your wisdom and power so that our young people may take the lead in the coming era of  reunification! Help us grow as your people who build the Kingdom of God on earth.

May the young people be instruments of your heavenly peace!

We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Seulgi Kang, Insu Girls’ High School, Incheon, South Korea

Prayer for peace in Korea

God of Peace,

Who created this world and saw that it was good,

We acknowledge before you now that we are part of a world that has as much conflict and tension as it does peace.

Revive in all people, we pray, a sense of your peace, which passes our understanding, but lifts our eyes and hearts above competition to cooperation,

above petty disputes to compromise,

above tension to harmony.

Let your Holy Spirit, breath of all creatures,

purifier of all souls and

healer of all wounds;

be fire to our heart,

light to our path and

friend for our journey as we seek to rebuild peace in your world.

We pray particularly for peace in the whole of Korea,

for efforts to agree to a Peace Treaty,

for attempts to reduce the worst of our armaments,

for talks about cooperation.

We give thanks for all who work for peace

and aspire in your strength to add to their efforts,

In the name of Jesus, Prince of Peace.


By Steve Pearce. Based on words of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) as used on Day 21 of the Methodist Church in Britain Prayer Handbook, the day of the month devoted to prayer for Korea.

A Prayer for Unity, Hope, and Compassion

God of Peace

We come to you amidst the vulnerability and chaos, the isolation and loneliness resulting from Coronavirus. This virus has now become a global crisis. So many have died, so many are still suffering, and so many have lost their loved ones. We yearn for peace in our hearts yet are filled with anxiety.

We also come to you in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Korean Peninsula, lamenting the brokenness of war yet hoping for lasting peace and unification. We pray with all People who yearn for their families to be reunited and who long to build one nation. Let that day arrive soon.

Grant thy Peace O God, so that right in the middle of this crisis, we shall have peace in our hearts and homes, cities and villages, churches and temples, nations and cultures.

Remind us once again of the truth that “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God”. We lift all people who day and night work for peace from everywhere to everywhere.

You are the God of Peace.

God of Justice

We bring to You all injustices happening around the world, which is too often filled with greed and profit, poverty and human suffering, marginalization and isolation. Unjust structures have kept human communities apart from each other, denying our oneness and common humanity. Even during this global health crisis, we have seen how vulnerable our communities are, how many do not have a decent living, who live under severe oppression, and who are on constant migration.

We lift up all those who are victims of coronavirus, especially those in the hardest hit regions of Korea and throughout southeast Asia. We praise God that healthcare personnel and leaders were able to flatten the curve of the virus and controlled its spread. We also pray that their wisdom shall be shared globally to eradicate the pandemic.

Give your Justice O God, so that we shall engage in the prophetic and disturbing work of justice. We shall work for justice for our neighbor and justice for the children and justice for the most vulnerable.

Return us to your call that “justice will roll down like waters and righteousness like an overflowing stream”. We earnestly call on you, so that all shall be awakened to the mindfulness of justice and to the heartfulness of mercy.

You are the God of Justice.

God of Compassion

We denounce all forces of hatred and violence, anger and wrath, abuse and division; they are too many. Enough is enough! People are longing for love and grace, compassion and care, connection and solidarity.

In your Compassion look towards us all O God, so that we shall be empowered to be a people of compassion from Korea to Nigeria, from Ireland to Sri Lanka, from America to Taiwan, from everywhere to everywhere. Even as COVID-19 requires mandatory times of social distancing, may we not forget to be compassionate to the people near and far. Give your compassion to all humanity.

You are the God of Compassion.

God of Unity

We recall all disunity that we have caused, marked by race and ethnicity, caste and class, political ideologies and geographical boundaries, even gender barriers, even social affiliations. Transform all that divides us.

Bestow your Unity O God, and help us recognize that we are one single humanity. Remind us that our diversity is to be celebrated and cherished, respected and heard. Help us understand that we are one human family called to take care and look after one another. We pray for the countries that are struggling to be united, churches that are thirsting to be together, nations that are yearning to be equal in dignity.

Unity is your gift, so help us to be in unity at all times striving together in community.

You are the God of Unity.

God of Hope

We know that amidst crisis you create something new, amidst conflict you create hope, amidst vulnerability you create resilience, amidst darkness you create light, amidst death you create resurrection. Deliver us from the spirit of fear and give us “courage to be”!

Help us to be resilient O God, and empower us to be agents of hope and practitioners of your Good News.

You are the God of Hope, you are the God of a New Life.

God of Life - Lead us to light,

God of Shalom - lead us to peace,

God of People - lead us to unity.


Dr Jerome Sahabandhu, Mission Theologian in Residence, Global Ministries, UMC


Joint 2020 Easter Prayer of North-South Korea

God of life,


We give you thanks for giving us the good news of resurrection.

As you have prepared for spring during a long winter season,

we ask you to grant us a new era of peace on the Korean Peninsula.

As the suffering of cross concludes with the glory of resurrection,

we ask you to transform the Korean Peninsula from a place of conflict to a place of peace.


God of mercy,

We live in a world filled with pain and all the tears.

The pain is aggravated by a mixture of natural and man-made disasters,

including wars, hunger, climate change, and epidemics.

As we confess that our sins against you and our neighbor caused all the disasters,

we ask for your forgiveness, seeking to hear your voice.


God of peace,

It has been 70 years since the Korean War broke out.

As we experienced the wounds of the terrible war,

we ask you to bring an official end to the Korean War.

May the site of conflict become the ground of peace by declaring an end to the Korean War and signing a peace treaty!


God of justice,

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the June 15th North–South Joint Declaration.

Help us to implement the grand principle of the June 15th North–South Joint Declaration that the North and the South agreed to resolve the question of reunification independently and through the joint efforts of the Korean people!


God of wisdom,

We ask you to restore the inter-Korean relations.

Kindle within us the fire of your peace, advanced by the 4.27 Panmunjom Declaration!

Grant us your comfort in our troubled hearts and somber spirits and instill your peace on the Korean Peninsula!


God of reconciliation,

Help us to resume the Kaesong Industrial Complex, which has been closed for too long, and allow us to revisit the scenic beauty of Mt. Kumgang.

Unify the divided families so that their tears of joy may filled the whole land.

Transform the Demilitarized Zone into a zone of peace, removing all weapons at borders and strengthening the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.


God of healing,

In the midst of the COVID 19 outbreak all over the world, strengthen the mutual cooperation for the safety and health. Grant your healing to those who are infected, and all of us who are also affected by the COVID 19 so that we may find joy and gratitude in our ordinary life.


God of resurrection,

We confess that the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection was for those who died for justice and peace. Fill us with your Spirit so that pilgrims in the North and the South may walk the holy and triumphal jubilee march, holding hands in unity!

We pray in the name of the Jesus Christ, who has overcome the death and claimed the ultimate victory over death. Amen.

Easter 2020

The National Council of Churches in Korea


Prayer for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

God of life!

We are desperately longing for this vision! You promise peace - and our sisters and brothers on the Korean Peninsula are facing 70 years of no peace already. This means three generations who are used to a constant state of division, pain and grief.

We pray for peace, so that the older generation may renew their hope for reunification.

We pray that the young people learn to love peace more than continued war.

We pray for a reunited Korea, that includes prosperity and equity for all.

God of life!

We are facing a pandemic with conditions we are not prepared for.

Our brothers and sisters on the Korean Peninsula have to deal with this crisis under very different preconditions. What can be done, when health systems collapse? When people suffer from isolation or xenophobia?

We pray for help and wisdom.

We pray for signs of humanity in these troubled times.

We pray that the current situation does not distract the attention from all efforts for a peace treaty.

God of life!

We are longing for the comfort of your caring arms. As the prophet Isaiah says, you want to care for us like a loving mother with her all-embracing sight. Our hearts shall be glad again and our bones shall get new strength. Let this mercy be seen by your beloved children of Korea.

In Jesus name we pray


Judith Königsdörfer, EKD-Evangelical Church in Central Germany


Prayer for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

O God!

Have mercy on this divided land!

We ask you to wipe away the tears of those who endure the pain of division over 70 years.

Look with compassion on family members separated by the Korean War.

Support with your love those with homesickness and those

who are in trouble due to the closure of Kaesung Industrial Complex

and Mt Kumgang tour business.

O Lord!

Equip us to labor in ways that promote justice in this torn land.

Do not forgive the arrogance of those who distort history, justifying the Japanese imperialism and hiding wrongdoings and iniquities. They built their own kingdom with flesh and blood of innocent people, and they also prevented the unity of our nation, distorting and dividing by all means.

O God!

May the spring day of reconciliation come quickly to this broken land!

On the spirit of the 4.26 Panmunjom Declaration, may the steps of reconciliation continue along the path of the 500 km long Demilitarized Zone, reaching the Kaesung Industrial Complex and Mt Kumgang.

O Lord,

May the spring day of peace come quickly to this frozen land.

We ask you to create a garden of peace and reconciliation covered in every corner of Korea; from the crater lake on Mt Hall to the crater lake on Mt Baekdu.

May the children’s laughter and smiles of adults become the flower of peace and reconciliation.

May the drops of sweat from laborers, farmers, migrant workers, and the COVID-19 pandemic healthcare providers become the flower of peace.

In the name of Jesus Christ who brings us peace and reconciliation,


Rev. Huh Won-Bae, Chair, Committee on Reconciliation and Reunification, NCCK


Prayer for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Holy and merciful God,

We give you thanks for you have provided us life,

and you have also allowed us to keep our national identity until now.

We thank you, for you have blessed us even in many conflicts and hardships.

We thank you, that you have abundantly blessed us with the good news of Jesus Christ.

We thank you, that you have given us the great opportunity to serve in your mission throughout the world.

We have come to your very presence, meditating the words of our Lord, Jesus Christ,

“Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,

and whoever wants to be first must be your slave.”

May your peaceful kingdom reign forever where the rule of human empires ends.

Churches in Korea long for a world of peace and love.

Lord, it has been 75 years since the division of the Korean Peninsula.

Grant us the peaceful reunification on the Korean Peninsula,

and help us to contribute to the peace of the world.

In the name of Jesus Christ,



Rev. Yang-ho Lee, President, Korea Evangelical Church

Prayer for Reunification on the Korean Peninsula

Almighty God, together with the Psalmist we declare: “How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity!” We also declare, in equal manner, that an unnatural division of a people by victors of war is not good and an unpleasant reality.

Long have our sisters and brothers in the Korean Peninsula suffered the pain of separation; long have their cries been poured out. Listen to their prayers. Look with favor upon their petition. Bless and prosper their labor and struggle to bring about reunification and peace.

In the dim unknown of the times we are in, we are certain that even there you stand within the shadow, keeping watch over your own. May you bring to the Korean Peninsula the spark that will light up the darkness. May you shatter the gloom and may the light of hope be rekindled that the way forward may be seen.

We join our Korean sisters and brothers in prayer and solidarity that one day in your kairos, walls, fences or borders that separate us one from the other will be no more and that wars shall cease.  In the name of Jesus, who promised us true and lasting peace, Amen.


And now,

may the God of peace,

who have heard the "han of the minjung," the cry of the people

and have seen their suffering;

and the Son, the Prince of Peace,

who prayed that all may be one;

and the Holy Spirit, in whose presence is freedom:

guide us in the paths of peace

keep us working for reunification with hope

and strengthen us in the faith that in God's time

the divisions and wars shall cease and be no more.

Go forth from this place,

committed to the work

of reconciliation



and peace.


In the name of the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer, Amen.

Bishop Reuel Norman O. Marigza, General Secretary, National Council of Churches in the Philippines


Prayer for the End to the Korean War and Peace on the Korean Peninsula

God of all creation,

You have made all things good,

yet we have hurt Mother Earth.

Many people are dying of COVID-19.

We hear the lament and see the tears everywhere.

May this time be an opportunity for us to learn

that the weapons produced by world’s military powers are useless

in the threat of COVID-19 pandemic.

Forgive our greed and evil doings.

We live in a time of war and great suffering throughout the world,

all because of our selfishness and arrogance.

Help us to turn away from the wrongdoing,

Change our way of life to the path of life you lead.

God of wonder,

Comfort those who have been suffering from the division by the foreign powers over 70 years.

We ask you to restore the broken Korean Peninsula.

Help us to use the wisdom that we have learned from the conflict and division for the peace of the whole world.

Help us to realize that all human beings are one and equal before you, O Lord!

Help us to recognize the fact that the weak and the strong are sisters and brothers in the House of Earth.

May this time be an opportunity for all of us to be united to overcome the pandemic.

May the Korean Peninsula be a sign of hope.

We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ with your children all over the world.


Dr Un Sunn Lee, Committee of Reconciliation and Reunification, NCCK, Korea Association of Women Theologians


Prayer for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

God of peace,

Give us peace on the Korean Peninsula where we live. Seventy years ago, this land was smudged with blood. Countless young people in 21 countries sacrificed their lives. The internal war sparked an international war, and many young people in the world who have been involved in the war are buried in this land without returning to their home countries.

The Korean Armistice Agreement brought about a complete cessation of hostilities of the Korean War, but the two Koreas are technically still at war, engaged in a frozen conflict. In the DMZ area, the symbol of division, soldiers who were fighting with their guns, now their bodies are lying with their bones completely entangled. The division system has kept many young people unable to return home and buried in a foreign country for many years.


We ask you grant peace on the Korean Peninsula, as you restored the people of Israel from the captivity of Babylon. Help us to realize how foolish it is to fight each other. We should take into consideration the broader implications and impact of tensions on the Korean peninsula for North East Asia and other parts of the world.

God of justice,

May we overcome the division and achieve a permanent peace so that the soldiers buried in this land may return to their families. May the flower of peace bloom in the place of pain where we bled and fought bitterly.

May we now go beyond the wall of division and create a win-win community where the North and the South can live together. May the peace of the Korean Peninsula be a wave of peace that gives hope to conflicts and pains around the world. May the Lord of peace awaken us so that we may move beyond the security frame to the path of peace.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who came as King of Peace.


Haek-jib Na, Senior Pastor, Yeollim Church, Co-moderator, Korean Churches’ Coalition for North-South Exchange


Prayer for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” (John 20:21, NRSV)

O Lord Jesus, God incarnate,

who died on the cross to show us the true hope of resurrection!

O Lord of Hope,

who gave us a new land of peace in a gloomy Japanese colonial era as you liberated the people of Israel from the bondage of slavery!

O Lord of Peace,

who reached out first to the disciples who hid themselves in fear in the upper room!

You have given us love and hope as your amazing gifts rather than our own merit.

We have turned away from you by following the paths of greed and our desires.

We have been suffering from the division as we trust in foreign powers rather than you.

As this year 2020 remarks the 70th anniversary of the start of Korean War, we look back to the past.

We tried to prove ourselves through exclusion, discrimination, and superiority, and those vain acts perpetuate the division as the ancient people built the Tower of Babel.

We have learned that the peace of God is always possible by denying ourselves, but we never achieve your peace by practicing the exclusion.

As we become one with your peace, may the North and the South become one in your peace.

Lord, help us to faithfully respond to your calling to be peacemakers in this divided land and make us the instruments of your peace.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of peace, who sows peace and harvests justice.



Rev. Peter Choi Jun-Gi, General Secretary, Anglican Church of Korea


Prayer for Healing and Reconciliation

God, you are the Lord of history!

40 years have passed since the May 18 Gwangju Democracy Movement.

God was present there and suffered with the people in Gwangju.

We give you thanks for being among the injured and medical staff.

We also give thanks for your loving presence with those who have lost their beloved.

God, you are the Lord of mercy!

You have answered their prayers by taking the perpetrators to the court.

We are grateful for the celebration of the spirit of May 18 at the Mangwol Cemetery.

We are also grateful that the spirit of May 18 has been an example and hope for those who still suffer under the cruel dictatorship in other parts of the world.

God, you are the Lord of justice!

Those who seized power with a coup on December 12, 1979 are trying to hold a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the military coup. The perpetrator is still alive and lying, saying: “I didn’t give orders to fire.” Some politicians in the Liberty Korea Party also deny historical facts and deliver hate speech toward victims of the May 18. The sexual assault that many women suffered during the May 18 has not yet been uncovered. We cry out to you for justice.

God, you are the Lord of reconciliation and peace!

May your open arms fill victims and the family members with your comfort.

May you bring us the Kingdom of God where God’s justice and love overflow, the South and the North become one!

May the day of reunification arrive peacefully!

We pray this sincerely in the name of Jesus Christ, who is the eternal hope. Amen!

Seong-rye Ahn, former chair of May Mothers


Prayer for Healing, Reconciliation, Peace on the Korean Peninsula

God of giving Life,

We give you thanks for your most merciful grace; as a mother comforts her children, you care and love all of your children in the world.

In such time as this when the unprecedented pandemic frightens us, you call us as your children into the shadow of your wings for comfort and healing so that we know you are our refuge; in you, we find peace and hope together.

As we pray for your children--our sisters and brothers in the Korean peninsula, we come before you in humble spirits to confess our sins and ask your forgiveness.

We have broken your heart by hurting our sisters and brothers. Our greed for power and self-serving interests have forced your children to live in separation and division for 70 years, and they are living in tears and pain still today.

We have caused pain in your soul by disobeying your words. We gave our faith to armed powers and political ideologies instead of your promise of peace, and as a result, your children are living in fear and distrust of one another every day.

God of redeeming life,

Today we ask for courage, so that instead of denying or forgetting our sins, we may boldly confess and repent what we have done against you and your children.

Today we ask for humility, so that we may seek your forgiveness for the brokenness of our relationships with one another in your Kingdom.

Today we ask for compassion, so that we may stand in solidarity with those who have been wounded and disgraced, those who have suffered and mourned, those who are the most powerless among us all.

God of renewing life, we pray:

Grant us wisdom to live in reconciliation and unity among all your children. Guide us to seek peace and justice, so that all your children created in your image shall live with hope and joy bestowed in the world through Jesus Christ.

Breathe your spirit of peace into our hearts clouded by doubts and hatred. When darkness ends and dawn shall arrive in the Korean Peninsula and in the world, we may recognize the faces of sisters and brothers in each other’s. Amen.

Rev. Hikari Kokai Chang, Vice moderator, the National Christian Council in Japan and United Methodist Church clergy


Prayer for Peace

God of the ages,

You have walked with your people

from the moment that first we walked on the earth.

You heard our cry when we were oppressed,

gave us strength and courage when doubt and despair threatened.

The earth has been divided and brought to destruction

by human fear, greed and the lust for power.

We, your people, turn to you

knowing that only in you can we flourish and grow.

Where division has given rise to distrust,

build bridges of understanding.

Where greed pollutes and threatens life,

open hearts to share and build in partnership.

God of the present moment,

your love does not stop at borders.

Your grace is given freely to those who

are willing to hear and to trust.

The people of Korea have lived too long

divided and fearful for the future.

Grant them the courage to believe

that their cry has been heard.

Where nuclear weapons have been used

to threaten and keep apart,

turn swords into ploughshares

that people North and South may be fed and prosper.

God of all that is to be,

with people across the world

we pray for the end of war

and the dawn of a new age.

Let all that threatens the earth with destruction

be banished forever.

Let the voice of those opposed to nuclear threat

grow in confidence and strength.

We will work together with partners across the world

until division is overcome and hostility ended.

We will walk together with you, our God,

into a future where the whole created order lives in harmony.

God of the ages, God of the present, God of all that is to be,

alone we may stumble but together we pray your kingdom come.


Rev. David Grosch-Miller. Former Moderator of the United Reformed Church, United Kingdom

Prayer for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Oh Lord, I visited South Korea three times and felt the pain of many people who have lost family members due to the Korean War and political conflict, and who have relatives in the northern part of the peninsula. They have the full right to live with hope and build peace for their children and the generation to come, away from war and sufferings.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Oh God, despite of the human suffering and political instability, we know that with your help and intervention, war, hate and the state of separation can be ended and people can live in peace and see that they are all your children and created in your image. We pray for the people of Korea in the North and South be filled with hope and act for a better future for their own people where peace and reconciliation prevail.

Lord, hear our prayer.

We also pray for the regional and global powers who have always played a bad role in the Korean Peninsula to take their hand off and leave the people to find their own way for reconciliation, live in peace and build a better future and live life abundantly.

Lord, hear own prayer.

We pray for the leaders of North and South Korea be granted with wisdom and love, Oh Lord, to see the beauty of peace and reconciliation and its impact on the Korean people.

Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray for the youth and children on the Korean Peninsula to see the light of love and mercy in their future and work accordingly. We ask you Lord to fill their hearts with hope and commitment to be involved in building a better future where human dignity, integrity, love and justice prevail.

Lord, hear our prayer.

From Palestine, the birthplace and the resurrection place of our Lord Jesus Christ, the birthplace of the first Church, where war, violence and oppression still prevail, we believers feel committed to work for global peace and justice. We believe that the Korean case is ours. Lord, grant us the power and dedication to be good peacemakers for the Korean people and for the whole humanity. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit we pray. Amen.


Bana Abu Zuluf & Nidal Abu Zuluf


Prayer for peace on the Korean Peninsula

God who created and governs the heavens and the earth,

as we pray for peace on the Korean Peninsula,

we, the Japanese, confess that we have a responsibility to help make that happen.

In 1910, the Japanese government colonized the peninsula by forcible annexation. Since then, Japan implemented imperial policies that placed the Emperor’s absolute power at its core. For 36 years, the Japanese government had persecuted, exploited, and discriminated against people of the Korea in the fields of politics, economy, culture, and religion. As a result of becoming a Japanese colony, the Korean Peninsula got involved in World War II, then was divided into two countries at the end of that war. There are no “ifs” in history, but we have to ask, “What if the Korean Peninsula had not become a Japanese colony…?” And the answer is obvious. We, the Japanese, have a heavy responsibility to realize peace on the peninsula.

We, the Japanese Christians, face this history and repent in front of our Lord. Japanese churches did not raise voice against the invasion, persecution, and unlawful occupation of the Korean Peninsula by the Japanese government when it was happening. Rather, we proactively collaborated with the Japanese government’s war effort.

Lord, we ask your forgiveness. Lead us not to repeat those mistakes.

It is time to for us to actively participate in peace-making on the peninsula, in solidarity with Koreans who seek peace. In particular, peaceful reunification is the most important issue. Let us make this a subject of common prayer for Christians in North Korea, South Korea, and Japan. Lord, bring the Korean Christian Federation, the National Council of Churches in Korea, and the National Christian Council in Japan to the same table so we may work together for peace.

Our Creator and Governor of this world,

We ask you bring us peace on the Korean Peninsula. Let us, the Christians in Korea and Japan, collaborate in our common mission to address such issues as poverty, discrimination, and persecution, in the hope that we may complete “the ministry of reconciliation” (II Co. 5.18) by following the gospel of reconciliation of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen!

Rev. IIZUKA Takuya. Chair, Committee for Peace and Reconciliation in East Asia National Christian Council in Japan


Prayer for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula

Creator God,

We give thanks to you for the creation that you endowed your children to enjoy and to nurture. We thank you especially for the Korean Peninsula for its enchanting beauty and people.

God of Love,

With deep gratitude, you have created us to be your people scattered across the globe with different living faiths and ideologies. Just as you promised our fore-parents, you will not forsake any of us despite challenging circumstances of want and conflict. You promise through Jesus Christ that all your people will have life and life abundant.

We therefore beseech you to:

Have mercy on the Korean people who remain divided since 1953 and yearn for the promise of life abundant as a people without fear of war or further suffering as divided families;

Grant to the people of Korea in their ardent aspiration for peace and reunification, as demonstrated in the summits between the leaders of South and North since 2000;

Revitalize the vision of peace by ending the Armistice as envisioned in the Panmunjom Declaration of April 27, 2018;

Grant us with leaders around the world, especially those in Korea, who have vision and courage to steer the divided peninsula towards the fulfilment of life as one people and one nation;

Give wisdom to the churches, ecumenical organization and Christians to respond to the appeals of the National Council of Churches of Korea and its many leaders to advocate strongly for a peace treaty between North and South Korea as a first step towards a reunified land and people; and

Call on the ecumenical organizations and churches to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with their God.

Dr Victor W.C. Hsu. Associate General Secretary for Public Relations, Presbyterian Church in Taiwan


Jim Winkler

General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Christ, USA

Gracious and Most Holy God,

We praise your name and we come before you as seekers of peace. For too long, we have experienced war and hatred and division. We ask for your help in bringing an end to the 70 years of war that have plagued the Korean Peninsula. We know it is not your will that we live through endless war.

O God, we know the solution to peace rests not only with governments but with your people and so we have prayed, preached, demonstrated, campaigned, lobbied, and organized for peace these many years. This terrible war must end. We implore you, we beseech you, to aid us in this sacred quest.

Although we are tired and weary following more than seven decades of conflict and tension, our desire for peace will never flag and we refuse to succumb to hopelessness. But you know dear Lord how much pain and grief have resulted from all this war—the lives lost, the bitterness, the name-calling, the reputations besmirched, the families divided, the mental anguish endured.

As we live through the global pandemic it seems as if nearly unbearable pressures and burdens have been lain upon us. But we cannot simply set aside the cause of peace. In fact, now is the time for nations to set aside their enmities in pursuit of the health of the entire planet and all its inhabitants so we today are more determined than ever to strive for a peace treaty.

Dear God, we have lived through many difficulties but you have always been faithful to us. You are our rock and fortress. Be with us as we continue our quest for peace. We know you are the living god, our merciful friend.

With your help, it shall be on earth as it is in heaven.





Special Prayer for Peace

May 17, 2020

O Spirit of Life -- We gather today to pray for the end of war and a bright new era of peace and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula. We are millions of Koreans living in our homeland and millions of Koreans around the world whose hearts and souls are, and always will be, Korean.  And we are millions more friends and allies in the world who join us in this fervent prayer for peace in Korea.

We realize that to have peace in the world, we must begin with the spirit within ourselves. Help us nurture peace and reverence for life. Let us proclaim our vision of a world without guns and fences, without the terrors of war that scorch our bodies and our homes. Give us the wisdom to persuade our leaders to resolve conflicts with mutual understanding, empathy and patience; to lift each other up with kindness and compassion; and to respect and care for one another… because our very humanity depends on it. Help us stamp out the greed, arrogance and deception in our midst. Help us embrace each other as members of one universal family, for which each of us has but one finite, precious time on this earth.

Please guide us to protect and share the abundant beauty and blessings of nature; help us stem the coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging us, and heal our deep suffering.

Let us light up the universe with messages of love, life, and peace. And give us the strength and resilience to reach across borders and boundaries to work together to right the many wrongs that tear us apart.

Spirit of Life, we pray that we may find the courage and clarity to continue lighting the path to reconciliation, unity, and lasting peace in Korea. In honor of the many brave sisters and brothers in this struggle who came before us, bless us as we re-affirm our commitment to fulfill their hopes and dreams, so that Korea can once again become -- the promised land of the morning calm.

Spirit of Life, hear our prayers. Amen.

Aiyoung Choi. Chair, Board of Directors, Women Cross DMZ