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Bible study addresses church identity in pandemic

Among the massive social dislocations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps none is as plaintive as those to churches. Around the world, church gatherings, liturgies, fellowship, and service projects have been canceled or postponed or migrated online, precisely when Christian communities and those who rely on them need them most.

WCC offers Rosh Hashanah greetings to Jewish communities across the globe

World Council of Churches (WCC) interim general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca sent joyful greetings to Jewish friends and colleagues across the world on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah and the forthcoming High Holy Days.“May this be a time of blessing, joy and peace for you,” writes Sauca. “Certainly, this last year has brought a time of extraordinary challenges for us all.”

Tax justice can renew biblical covenants

Tax justice, including reforming the current tax systems, enacting jubilee, and paying reparations, was the focus of the second 2020 Ecumenical School on Governance, Economics and Management public webinar held on 14 September.

Dr Louk Andrianos on Season of Creation: “Confess the broken relationship with God”

Dr Louk Andrianos is a World Council of Churches consultant on Care for Creation, Sustainability and Climate Justice. He shares his reflections on the Season of Creation, observed annually from 1 September to 4 October.

South African Council of Churches to hold countrywide silent prayers against corruption

On 15 September, the South African Council of Churches will stand in silent prayer in all nine provinces to declare that “Corruption is Not Our Heritage.”

Hope prevails in times of crisis in Lebanon

The fatal blast in Beirut last month became yet another blow to an already plagued country. In recent months, a financial crisis with a free-falling currency and rising unemployment has further undermined the Lebanese economy. Add to that one million Syrian refugees and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the contours of a fragile nation facing monumental challenges emerge.

“Stand together praying for just peace in Palestine and Israel”

Prayers, minds and hearts across the world were focused on the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel during an online ecumenical gathering hosted by the WCC on 14 September.

New student body at Bossey Ecumenical Institute “a source of joy”

Rev. Fr Dr Lawrence Iwuamadi is dean of the Ecumenical Institute, the graduate school which opened its academic year this week. Below, Iwuamadi reflects on the arrival of new students at the Ecumenical Institute during this remarkable time.

WCC expresses sadness at passing of Swami Agnivesh

The World Council of Churches (WCC) expressed deep sorrow upon the demise of Swami Agnivesh, a longtime Hindu partner of the WCC, and offered its heartfelt condolences to grieving communities.

Online prayer service to observe World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

An online morning prayer hosted by the WCC on 14 September will be specially focused on the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel, observed this year from 13-21 September.

Moria fire a grave signal to stop “hotspot” approach in Europe

Dr Torsten Moritz, general secretary of Churches' Commission for Migrants in Europe, expressed his dismay at the fire that has destroyed the Moria camp, leaving 13,000 migrants without a home. He urged Europe to end—once and for all—the “hotspot” approach to sheltering migrants.

Faith groups commemorate United Nations 75th anniversary, look to the future

An online event on 8 September brought together a wide range of faith expressions, delivering messages of hope and solidarity to the United Nations, underlining the urgency of upholding a robust multilateral system for the coordination of responses to the mounting global crises.

In Season of Creation, “no action or initiative is too small to begin”

Athena Peralta is World Council of Churches programme executive for Economic and Ecological Justice.

Online panel will explore tax reform from faith-rooted perspective

A public online panel discussion—“In a Time of Pandemic, Inequality, and Climate Change: Zacchaeus Tax and Jubilee Now!”—will explore how taxation, reparations, and debt cancellation could contribute to shaping an Economy of Life in a world marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, widening socio-economic inequalities, and a growing climate emergency.

WCC appeals to UN: human rights must be upheld in Cameroon

In a letter to UN officials, the World Council of Churches (WCC) urges an end to violence and the violation of human rights in Cameroon.

Webinar will show how Green Village nurtures "New way of work"

On 17 September, a livestream event will show how the Green Village promotes a “New way of work” for the World Council of Churches and other organizations that will be located there. The webinar is designed in the Green Village spirit, fostering the open exchange of ideas for a better future.

Global Christian Forum convenes online to reflect on aims during COVID-19 pandemic

The Global Christian Forum, on 3 September, virtually convened a committee of 29 people representing Christian traditions from all over the world. They reflected on the aims of the forum as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Discussions centered around a paper delivered by Rev. Hubert van Beek, founding secretary of the Global Christian Forum, on the specific contribution of the forum to the ongoing search for Christian unity. Participants agreed that the forum should intensify its future work in two directions: reaching new generations of leadership and encouraging regional and national meetings of Christian leaders.

WCC urges protecting the life of Dr Denis Mukwege in Democratic Republic of the Congo

After hearing about death threats against Nobel laureate Dr Denis Mukwege, physician director of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Council of Churches (WCC) urged UN officials to call upon the government to ensure the protection of the life of Mukwege.

Learning English, Bossey students “can connect with each other”

Moving forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic, seven students were able to attend a one-month course at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute, from 3 August to 2 September, to strengthen their English-speaking skills. The short course was designed to help them succeed in their upcoming post-graduate ecumenical studies.

10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture will focus on climate justice

The 10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture, titled “Climate Justice Globally: Now and for the Future,” will take place on 7 October online. Featured speakers will include 23-year-old Vanessa Nakate, a climate activist from Uganda who has been leading a drive for justice related to race, media representation and climate justice; and internationally-known Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.