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Busan, 2013

Reflections on the assembly theme
Please visit the resources section of the WCC 10th Assembly website for a more complete list of reflections on the assembly theme, offering a variety of testimonies on life, justice and peace from around the world.
Pre-assembly documents
Documents that came out of the Youth, Indigenous Peoples, EDAN and women and men's gatherings preceding the WCC 10th Assembly.
Bible studies
These six texts invite assembly participants but also those who will pray for and with the assembly at home, to reflect on the assembly theme from a biblical perspective. Six Bible studies, each consisting of a biblical text chosen to reflect the daily theme of the assembly, are presented for exegesis of the text, interpretation of its ancient and contemporary context, and questions for reflection and discussion—all in the interest of application of biblical insights to your own life and to the witness of your church. Each concludes with a prayer, so that we can listen to God’s message from the texts through spiritual reflection too.
Messages and greetings to the WCC 10th Assembly
Messages and greetings from partner organizations, member and non-member churches were presented during some of the WCC 10th Assembly plenaries. Others were received in writing.
Plenary presentations
Presentations given during the plenaries at the WCC 10th Assembly
Sermons and homilies
Sermons and homilies of prayer services at the WCC 10th Assembly
Adopted documents & statements
Public statements and policy documents adopted by the WCC 10th Assembly.
List of Central Committee members as elected
Members of the Central Committee as elected by the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches
List of WCC Executive Committee members as elected
List of members of the WCC Executive Committee as elected by the Central Committee during their meeting in Busan in November 2013.
Ecumenical Conversations Report
Reports, Affirmations and Challenges from the Ecumenical Conversations at the WCC 10th Assembly
International Affairs at the Tenth Assembly
Statements, Minutes and Resolution
Report of the WCC 10th Assembly
Encountering the God of Life: Report of the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches, edited by Erlinda N. Senturias and Theodore A. Gill, Jr.