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Sermons and homilies

Sermons and homilies of prayer services at the WCC 10th Assembly
6 November 2013 - Evening Prayer
"Under the Power of the Holy Spirit" (John 4:17-31) - Sermon by Rev. BANG, Ji Il and "Justice Rising" by Rev. Dr Jennifer Leath.
1 November 2013 - Evening Prayer
Evening Prayer by Protestant Church Women United. Sermon about Vision of Amos (Amos 5: 14-15, 21-24) by Rev. Kim, Soon Young, South Korea.
31 October 2013 - Evening Prayer
The service of "Artoklasia" or "The breaking of the bread". Introduction by Ambrose Cho Song Am - Orthodox Metropolitan of Korea.
Message of Blessing at the Opening Prayer
Message of blessing from His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians, at the opening prayer on the WCC 10th Assembly
Sermon by Fr Michael Lapsley in the Sending Prayer
Father Michael Lapsley, SSM, director of the Institute for Healing of Memories in Cape Town, South Africa, delivered this sermon at the sending prayer of the WCC 10th Assembly.