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Reports and Documents

GEN 1 Report of the Officers
The report of the Officers to the Central Committee is a constitutional obligation. The purpose of this report is to inform the Central Committee of the decisions taken by the Executive Committee at its meetings of 17-20 February and 24-27 August 2004, as well as those taken by the Officers at their meetings of 20-21 November 2003, 9-10 June and 28-29 November 2004.
GEN 10 Report of the Steering Committee of the Special Commission on Orthodox Participation in the WCC
GEN 10.1 Report of the Inter-Orthodox Pre-Assembly Meeting
GEN 11 Final Statement from the Consultation<br />Ecumenism in the 21st century
GEN 14 Aide memoire World Council of Churches and human sexuality
This paper is a development of a draft prepared by Alan Falconer and Martin Robra to describe the ethos of the Padares at the Eighth General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Harare (1998). It continues to be the underlying understanding for the deliberative sessions of the WCC Central Committee.
GEN 15 membership of Central Committee and commissions
GEN 16 Programme Committee Annotated Agenda
GEN 17 First report of the Programme Committee
GEN 18 Second report of the Programme Committee
GEN 19 Policy Reference Commitee I Annotated Agenda
GEN 2 Report of the Moderator
GEN 20 Report of the Policy Reference Committee I
GEN 21 Policy Referenc Commitee II Annotated Agenda
GEN 22 Report of Policy Reference Committee II
GEN 24 Report of the Policy Reference III
GEN 3 Report of the General Secretary
GEN 4 Moving to Consensus, Revised Rule XVI: Conduct of Meetings, Replacing "Rules of Debate"
GEN 4.1 Revised Rule XVI
GEN 4.2 A New Rule III.6: The Permanent Committee on Consensus and Collaboration
GEN 4.4 Manual for Conduct of Meetings of the World Council of Churches
GEN 4.5 Constitution and rules of the World Council of Churches
GEN 5 Report of the Assembly Planning Committee (APC)
The Assembly Planning Committee (APC) met in Porto Alegre from 9-14 November 2004.
GEN 5.1 Report on the Assembly business agenda
GEN 5.2 Report on delegation nominations
GEN 6 Programme Highlights 2004
GEN 8 Report on the Pre-Assembly Programme Evaluation
GEN 9 membership matters: Membership applications
GEN 9.1 Membership matters: Amendments to the Constitution and Rules
GEN/FIN 1 Annotated Agenda
GEN/FIN 4 Report of the Finance Committee
GEN/PUB 5 Second report of the Public Issues committee
Table of contents: Introduction Minute on economic measures for peace in Israel/Palestine Human rights and languages of indigenous peoples Countries affected by the tsunami International Criminal Court Detainees held at Guantanamo Bay Iraq crisis: enhancing peace, accountability and the rule of law Practising hospitality in an era of new forms of migration
In Memoriam
INF 1 General information for all participants
INF 2 Provisional list of participants
INF 3 Sub-committees of Central Committee
INF 4 Hearings
PLEN 1 Plenary on Pacific
PLEN 1.1 Otin Taai(1) Declaration. The Pacific Churches' Consultation on Climate Change" (March 2004)
PLEN 2 Plenary outline: Ecumenical Conversation on contemporary ethical challenges: human sexuality
Stewards statement: "God, in Your grace, let youth transform the world!"