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Report Executive Committee

Report of the Executive Committee, February 2014

02 July 2014

According to the WCC Rule VIII. 1.b.: “The executive committee shall be accountable to the central committee, and shall present to each central committee meeting a report of its work. The central committee shall consider such a report and take such action in regard to it as it thinks fit.”

The executive committee elected in Busan had its first meeting in Bossey, Switzerland, February 2014. It is the very first time that Rule VIII. 1.b. has to be implemented and, therefore, this is the first accountability report submitted to the central committee.

The report includes three parts:
(a) A brief account of the meeting
(b) Decisions taken by the executive committee
(c) Matters studied by the executive committee and recommendations to the central committee

Appendix: Budget 2014

Download : GEN02ReportExecutiveCommittee_with_appendix.pdf