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X. Other documents from conferences and meetings

Faith and Order Plenary Commission meeting in Crete 2009
Cambridge report on Tradition and traditions
Twenty four participants gathered at Westminster College in Cambridge to engage in the first of a series of consultations under the title of Tradition and traditions. The aim of the meeting was to build on the work begun by the WCC in the 1960s and, by paying particular attention to the teachers and witnesses of the early church, to explore further the possibility of discovering, re-discovering or re-receiving some particular sources of authority which might help us together on the way to the unity of the church.
Theological reflection on peace
Plenary Commission Meeting, Kuala Lumpur 2004
Documents of the Faith and Order Plenary Commission meeting, 28 July - 6 August 2004, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Plenary Commission Meeting, Moshi, Tanzania, August 1996
Message from the Fifth World Conference on Faith and Order, 1993
The Fifth World Conference on Faith and Order took place at Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 3 - 14 August 1993, with its theme "Towards Koinonia in Faith, Life and Witness". A comprehensive Report of the Conference will be published towards the end of this year. We now publish the Message and the four Section Reports together with the Discussion Paper prepared for the Conference. The Message and Reports are the most tangible results of the World Conference. However, they represent only one important part of this gathering which was marked by common worship and prayer, Bible study, a great number of papers, plenary discussions, a statement by the younger theologians and the many personal encounters between the participants (about 400 in different categories).