World Council of Churches

A worldwide fellowship of churches seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service


A just and lasting peace in the Great Lakes Region
An Appeal on the Crisis in Ethiopia
Angola: Affirmation of ecumenical efforts for peace and justice
Appeal for Peace and Humanitarian Action in Congo-Brazzaville
Appeal for the release of Ethiopian human rights defender
Appeal of the Sudan Ecumenical Forum* on Sudan peace negotiations
Call for Solidarity and Action: If one member suffers, all suffer together
Open letter by the CCIA director on political upheaval following the contested Ethiopian election of 15 May 2005
Churches' presence in the Sudan peace process
Comments on developments in Togo
Communication to religious leaders in Ethiopia
Concern about presidential elections
Condolences on the passing away of Christiaan Frederick Beyers Naudé
Congo: Appeals for international efforts for peace
Congratulations on award of the Nobel Peace Prize
Congratulations to Nelson Mandela on his 88th birthday
Congratulations to the President of the Republic of Liberia
Congratulatory letter to H.E. General Salva Kiir Mayardit, Chairman and
Congratulatory message to the President of South Africa
Contribution to Sudan's humanitarian and reconstruction needs
Deteriorating human rights situation in Ethiopia
Deteriorating law and order situation in Zimbabwe
Ecumenical Message to the Leaders of the Church in Sudan
Ecumenical Mission to Togo
Escalation of violence in Liberia
Ethiopia: Congratulations to H.H. Patriarch Abuna Paulos on the award of the Nansen Medal
Expression of satisfaction on peace protocols in Sudan
Expression of sympathy on the death of 14 Kenyan officials
Ivory Coast - Expressions of concern about internal conflict
Joint ecumenical approach to the conflict in Zimbabwe
Lasting peace and security in Ethiopia
Letter to WCC member churches in the DR Congo
Liberia - Appeal for the release of human rights defender
Madagascar - Expression of concern about the post-election crisis
Message from the World Council of Churches' newly-elected President,
Message from the World Council of Churches to the Churches in Uganda
Message of condolences on the death of Dr John Garang
Message of solidarity to member churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Message to member churches in Sudan, the New Sudan Council of Churches
Message to the Churches in Ivory Coast
Message to the Ecumenical Council of Christian Churches of Congo
Message to the Participants in the Oslo Gathering of Religious Leaders
Minute on Peace and Reconciliation between Ethiopia and Eritrea
Minute on Somalia
Minute on Sudan
WCC Central Committee, Geneva, 30 August-6 September 2006
Minute on the peace process in Sudan
Minute on Zimbabwe
Monitoring and implementation of the peace process in Sudan
Mozambique - Appeal for Debt Cancellation for Mozambique
New wave of violence
Nigeria - Expression of condolences on the death of Bola Ige
Nigeria - Minute on Nigeria
Ogoni peace process
On-going violence in Liberia
Peace and reconciliation in the Great Lakes Region
Letter to H.E. President Joseph Kabila, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Peace in Sierra Leone
Peace initiative for the people of Ivory Coast
Peace process in Sudan
Planned visit to Zimbabwe in view of forthcoming elections
Political developments in Ethiopia
Religion and Ethnicity: Gift from God or Source of Conflict?
Religious freedom and liberty in Eritrea
Role of the African Union in Togo
Letter to the chairman of the African Union
Sierra Leone - Support for UN peace efforts
Signing of the Protocols on Peace for Sudan
Situation in Darfur
South African National AIDS Council (SANAC)
Statement of the international ecumenical peace observer mission on the Zimbabwe presidential election
Statement on Liberia
Statement on Peace in Angola
Statement on plight of children in conflicts, with focus on Northern Uganda
Statement on Sudan
Statement on the situation in the Sudan
Statement on Zimbabwe
Sudan - Call for respect for the Machakos Protocol and revival of the peace process
Sudan Ecumenical Forum General Assembly 2009
Communiqué by the Sudan Ecumenical Forum General Assembly, Juba 9 – 11 November 2009
The signing of the historic peace agreement between the Government of
The World Council of Churches' Condemnation of Forced Evictions in
Towards the realization of economic and political union of Kenya, Tanzania
Unresolved questions related to the genocidal killings in Rwanda
Violence in Addis Ababa
Violence in Togo
WCC team recommends deployment of ecumenical peace observers for Zimbabwe elections
Work for Peace in Africa
Congratulations to Zimbabwe church leaders on Victoria Falls communiqué
Letter to Bishop Dr Ambrose Moyo, President of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches
Zimbabwe - Expression of concern about pre-election repression and violence
Pastoral letter to Zimbabwe church leaders gathered at Victoria Falls
Sent to Bishop Dr Ambrose Moyo, President of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches by the WCC President for Africa, Dr Agnes Abuom.
Zimbabwe - Pastoral letter to the churches