World Council of Churches

A worldwide fellowship of churches seeking unity, a common witness and Christian service


30th anniversary of the NCC in Korea's Human Rights Mission
Appeal for peace and reconciliation in the Korean peninsula
Appeal for respect of right to religious freedom
Appeal to Indonesian Government to end impunity
Appeal to the Governments of India and Pakistan for normalization of relations with Pakistan
Australia - Expression of concern about treatment of asylum seekers
Bangladesh - Expression of condolences after church bombing
Congratulatory message to Mr Muhammad Yunus, on receiving the award
Expression of concern about developments in the Philippines
Expression of concern on arbitrary arrest of executive director of People's
Expression of concern on arrest of church leaders
Expression of concern on military tensions in the Korean peninsula
Expression of concern on religious tension in Palu, Central Sulawesi
Expression of concern on religious violence in the Malukus region
Expression of concern on tensions in the Korean peninsula
Expression of concern on unrest in the province of Tarlac
Expression of concern on violation of the democratic rights of the Filipino
Expression of concern over deepening crisis in Sri Lanka
Expression of deep concern about the safety and security of the Christian minority in Pakistan
Expression of sympathy following the earthquake in Yogyakarta
India - Condemnation of inter-communal violence in Gujarat
India - Expression of solidarity with Christian leaders
India/Pakistan Dispute - Expression of hope for the success of India-Pakistan summit
Indonesia - Appeal for decided action to stop inter-communal violence
Indonesia - Appeal for protection of human rights in West Papua
Indonesia - Appeal for the restoration of law and order in the Malukus
Indonesia - Appeal on sectarian violence in Central Sulawesi
indonesia - Appeal on the situation in the Malukus
Indonesia - Ecumenical delegation visit on request of the WCC eighth assembly
Indonesia - Expression of concern and condolences to the families of victims of the bombing in Bali
Indonesia - Protest of travel ban imposed on Central Committee member
Justice, Peace and People's Security in North East Asia
Report of the Ecumenical Consultation held in Kyoto, Japan, 26 February - 3 March 2001.
Korea - Congratulations to President Kim Dae-jung on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize
Letter of condolence to Theresa C. Cariño
Letter of condolence to Theresa C. Cariño, Amity Foundation in Hong Kong, on the passing away of her husband Dr Feliciano Cariño.
Message of condolence on the death of Dr Han Wenzao
Message of condolences on the death of Bishop Alberto Ramento
Message of congratulation on the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
Message of support in the search for peace
Message of sympathy and solidarity
Message of sympathy on the tragedy of the 8th October earthquake in
Message on the Episcopal Silver Jubilee year of Dr Alexander John Malik
Message on the extension of the mandate of UNAMET
Message to the 34th General Assembly of the United Church of Christ in Japan
WCC general secretary Samuel Kobia salutes the long history of the United Church of Christ in Japan in responding to Jesus' healing ministry as a true sign of liberation through holistic ministries.
Message to the 35th General Assembly of the National Christian Council
Message to the International Consultation on Peace in the East Asia Region,
Message to the National Christian Council in Japan's 36th General Assembly
Message to the seventh national conference of the China Christian Council
Minute on India-Pakistan Composite Dialogue
Minute on Indonesia
Minute on the Peace Process in Sri Lanka
North Korean government's test of a nuclear device
Letter to the WCC member churches, regional ecumenical organizations, national councils of churches and CCIA Commission
Note on Indonesia
Pakistan - Appeal for the release of blasphemy law protestors
Pakistan - Condemnation of the assassination of human rights defenders
Pastoral Message to the World Council of Churches member churches in
Solidarity with the churches of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka - Message to Member Churches and the National Christian Council
Statement on countries affected by the Tsunami
Statement on extra-judicial killings in the Philippines
Statement on Korea
Statement on South Asia
Statement on the conflict in Sri Lanka
Statement on the initiation of bombing in Afghanistan
Statement on the situation in Sri Lanka
Communiqué on Asia’s human security challenges
Communiqué titled "Seeds of hope for building peace with justice for fullness of life in Asia" produced by the participants of an international consultation on "Asia’s Human Security Challenges: Towards Sustainable Peace with Justice in North East Asia" organized by the CCIA and the Christian Conference of Asia.