World Council of Churches

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Commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
Concern on outbreaks of violence in Kosovo
Congratulations on appointment as Secretary of State
Congratulations on election to Swiss presidency
Expression of concern for the hostages in Beslan
Expression of concern on rights of minority churches in Georgia
Expression of condolences following the terrorist attack in London
Expression of deep sympathy on the tragic death of children and other civilians
Expression of profound concern about the continuing intervention in Chechnya by Russian armed forces.
Expression of solidarity with the churches in Yugoslavia
Expression of sympathy and concern following the terrorist attack in Madrid
Letter from the WCC General Secretary to the newly-elected Pope
Message of condolences on the death of Dr Johannes Rau
To WCC member churches in Germany
Minute on Cyprus
Minute on Kosovo
WCC Central Committee, Geneva, 30 August-6 September 2006
Pastoral letter to WCC member churches in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Pope John Paul II: outstanding figure in modern Christendom, one of the
Reiterated appeal to stop indiscriminate Russian military actions in Chechnya
Right to religious freedom
Romania - Appeal for continued dialogue on church-state legislation
Russia - Expression of condolences to victims of the bombings in Moscow
Russia - Statement on Chechnya
Security for refugees and asylum seekers
Statement on Cyprus
Statement on Europe
The action of the Central Committee
The World Council of Churches pays tribute to Pope John Paul II
Turkey - Appeal to commute the death sentence of Abdullah Ocalan
Turkey - Expression of concern about the abduction, detention and trial in Turkey of Mr Abdullah Ocalan
Turkey - Expression of condolences to earthquake victims
Turkey - Statement on the situation of the Kurdish People and the arrest of Abdullah Ocalan
Yugoslavia [Former] - Appeal for an immediate moratorium on the NATO military intervention
Yugoslavia [Former] - Appeal for religious tolerance
Yugoslavia [Former] - Church leaders consultation on the churches and the crisis in the Balkans
Yugoslavia [Former] - Condemnation of the destruction of churches
Yugoslavia [Former] - Easter appeal for a cessation of armed conflicts
Yugoslavia [Former] - Ecumenical delegation visit to Kosovo
Yugoslavia [Former] - Ecumenical delegation visit to the FYR Macedonia and Albania
Yugoslavia [Former] - Ecumenical statement on the peace agreement for Kosovo
Yugoslavia [Former] - Message to the Conference on Peace and Tolerance in Kosovo
Yugoslavia [Former] - Pastoral letter to the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church
Yugoslavia [Former] - Statement on Protection of Humanitarian Principles in Kosovo Refugee Response
Yugoslavia [Former] - The crisis is not over! Europe, the Kosovo Crisis and the Churches
Yugoslavia's double tragedy