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Latin America

30th anniversary of the Permanent Assembly on Human Rights (APDH)
Letter to the Presidents of the APDH and members of the Board and Presidium
Appeal against the Second Report of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba
Letter to President George W. Bush
Appeal for incarcerated scholars, political dissidents and members of human
Appeal for peace based on justice
Appeal for peaceful resolution of confrontation in Venezuela
Appeal for security and human rights of the director of the Justice and Life
Argentina - Appeal on behalf of the "Prisoners of La Tablada"
Congratulations on the granting of the World Methodist Council's Peace Prize to the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo
Conveyed by letter to Bishop Aldo M. Etchegoyen of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina.
Argentina - Expression of appreciation for action to overcome impunity
Argentina - Follow-up to the appeal on behalf of the "Prisoners of La Tablada"
Brazil - Expression of indignation at court decision to absolve officials charged with responsibility for the massacres of landless peasants
Chile - Expression of concern about police intervention in FASIC headquarters
Message on the massacre in the church of Bellavista
Letter to the churches of Colombia
Confirmation of the WCC's solidarity with the churches and people of Cuba
Congratulations on election to the presidency
Congratulations on presidential election
Ecumenical Cooperation Forum with Colombia
Expression of concern at the increase of incidences of violence
Expression of concern for state of crisis in Bolivia
Expression of concern on infringements of freedom of expression
Expression of solidarity with the churches and people of Argentina
Expression of sympathy for the victims of Hurricane Charley
Fraternal greetings
Message of condolences following the assassination of pastors of the
Message of solidarity
Minute on Colombia
Response to the final document of the Cuban Pastoral Forum
Statement on Haiti
Statement on Latin America
Statement on violence in Colombia