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Israel - Expression of condolences to victims of suicide bombing

06 June 2001

Letter to H.E. Mr Yaakov Levy, Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva, 6 June 2001.

Your Excellency, Mr Ambassador,

On behalf of the World Council of Churches General Secretary, Rev. Dr Konrad Raiser, I would like to extend our sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the suicide bomb attack on June 1st. May God grant them consolation where human words and efforts fail.

We are saddened and appalled to see and read the daily accounts of violence that continues in Israel and the Palestinian Occupied Territories. I want to assure you, Mr Ambassador, that we continue to mourn with every Israeli and Palestinian family that loses yet another loved one and keep both peoples deep in our prayers.

The World Council of Churches has consistently advocated a non-violent, peaceful resolution of this tragic conflict. We can never justify indiscriminate attacks on civilians, especially when directed to children and youth, nor can we justify disproportionate use of armed force, military occupation and impunity. As Rev. Raiser stated in his letter dated 10.10.00 to UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan, "History bears witness to the truth that so long as this underlying injustice persists there can be neither peace nor security for either Israel or Palestine".

We are alarmed at the level of instability and insecurity in the region and strongly believe that any further escalation of the conflict must be avoided for the sake of the Israeli and the Palestinian people alike. Neither side can afford more pain and suffering. In memory of the innocent youth who lost their lives, we pray that the government of Israel will be able to embrace a real truce and address the root causes of this conflict for the sake of its children and future.

                                                                                                                 Cordially yours,

                                                                                                                                           Salpy Eskidjian
                                                                                                                                           International Relations