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Reiteration of concern at declarations by Iranian President

22 December 2005

Letter to H.E. Mr Mohammad Reza Alborzi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of
Iran to the United Nations in Geneva, 22 December, 2005

Your Excellency,

Greetings once again from the offices of the World Council of Churches in
Geneva. We take this opportunity to thank you for the good wishes we have
received from you for the season of Christmas and for the New Year and to reiterate
our good wishes in return.

This correspondence comes to you following our letter of 3 November, 2005
and in regard to the subject raised at that time. In that letter the WCC General
Secretary, Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia, reviewed with appreciation relations the WCC
has had with the Government of Iran on matters of stronger dialogue and better
relationships between religions and civilizations.

The General Secretary also noted the long-standing commitment of the WCC
to just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East based on internation-
al law and the United Nations Charter and Security Council resolutions. In that
context the letter raised with you our grave concern at negative declarations about
the existence of the state of Israel by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

While awaiting your response we have received reports of additional harmful
statements from the same quarter on the subject of Israel's location and on the
genocide during World War Two that preceded its creation. We note that these
statements again contravene long-standing international obligations to which
Iran is party and which form the most viable foundation for an equitable, lawbased
and durable solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

With continued commitment to dialogue and to lawful, multilateral solutions
for conflict in the region, we raise this matter again and look forward to your

Yours sincerely,

Peter Weiderud