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The Egyptian Family Home Statement

Statement on situation in Egypt from Christian-Muslim organization supported by Coptic Church and other WCC member churches in Egypt.

23 August 2013

The Egyptian Family Home is still going on while watching and following up all what is going on Homeland, and all the efforts made by the State to protect Egypt against terrorism that threatens the security of citizens and set private and public properties, houses of worship: mosques and churches on fire. That terrorism does not take into account the sanctity of religion or  homeland.

However, the invasion on the mosques as well as setting the churches on fire all together with their cultural, charitable and educational annexes, besides, the arson that took place within the premises of Malawy City Council along with the headquarters of the Egyptian Family Home are considered as a part of this current terroristic tactics in an futile attempts to plunge the country into a state of riot, conflicts and sectarian strife.

The Egyptian Family Home is again calling and still emphasizing the complete support to all the security measures taken to present appalling the secure civilians, to all the procedures that can keep Egypt's dignity and values intact.

The Egyptian Family Home is appealing the security forces within the Army and Police to tighten the security measures to protect the churches, the mosques, the national and the religious institutions as well as the sacred places.

It also calls on citizens to be cautious, prudent, and vigilant. They also  have to support their country and arm themselves with awareness and not to go after any destructive concepts or biased to anything except the interest of Egypt.

The Egyptian Family Home appreciates the efforts exerted by the civilians either Muslims or Christians who are defending the churches in this crucial period, setting a sincere example of the Egyptian patriotism against the sectarian divisions and terrorism.

And The Egyptian Family Home condoles the families of the victims all over Egypt wishing a speedy recovery for the patients.

The Egyptian Family Home fully trusts the steadfastness of the Egyptians and its security institutions, and our country will surely be secure and safe.

May God preserve Egypt from all evil and fortify her from all evil.