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Documents related to the WCC programme "Education and ecumenical formation"

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Title EffectiveDate document_type Description
Holy Week statement of lament and solidarity 29 March 2018 Message In this “Holy Week Statement of Lament and Solidarity” for Maundy Thursday, the Pan African Women’s Ecumenical Empowerment Network (PAWEEN) demands an end to gun violence in America.
PAWEEN seminar July 2017 21 July 2017 Message The PAWEEN seminar 2017 gathered high-profile scholars from leading theological institutions, church leaders, as well as executives of faith-based institutions and ecumenical bodies from and based in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and Europe, representing the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and several historic Black Churches, mainline Protestant and Pentecostal church traditions.
Churches Recommit to Accelerate HIV Response 28 June 2016 Pastoral letter With this letter issued at its Central Committee meeting in Trondheim, the WCC reaffirmed its commitment to eliminating AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.
An invitation to Reformation - Education - Transformation 25 May 2016 Statement: public statement Statement made by the twin consultation on Reformation, Education, Transformation (R-E-T) in Halle, Germany, in May 2016.
Child-friendly Version CRC General Comment Right to Health 01 January 2016 Background document The goal of this workbook is not to but to be an interactive tool through which children can be guided in their discussions prior to embarking on advocacy initiatives.
16 Days of Activism Campaign 01 November 2015 Background document The 16 Days begin on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and end on 10 December, Human Rights Day.
I am here, I belong 01 November 2015 Report Stateless children are born into a world in which they will face a lifetime of discrimination; their status profoundly affects their ability to learn and grow, and to fulfil their ambitions and dreams for the future.
Girls in School, Girls with Dignity. Our commitment during the 16 Days and beyond 01 November 2015 Message For the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence, a faith-based coalition joined together to focus on ending violence against girls and young women in education, confident that all activism promoting equal and respectful relationship is good news, all year round, wherever and whoever we are.
Prayer for Everyone, Ecumenical Centre, September 2015 23 September 2015 Liturgical text A special service organized by the World Council of Churches (WCC) at the Ecumenical Centre chapel in Geneva, Switzerland, dedicated prayers to the United Nations post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence 01 January 2015 Background document We have joined together as a faith-based coalition to focus on ending violence against girls and young women in education.
The Children's Good Treatment Campaign 01 January 2015 Background document Promote lasting change for children by training and engaging adults and children.
Condolence letter on death of David Philpot 12 November 2014 Tribute Condolence letter from the WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit on death of Rev. David Philpot, WCC executive secretary for scholarships in 1980s, addressed to his daughter Anne Wanjie.
Ecumenical Conversations Report 10 February 2014 Report Reports, Affirmations and Challenges from the Ecumenical Conversations at the WCC 10th Assembly
The Crossroads of Child Protection and Education in Peacebuilding 01 December 2013 Study document This study aims to document promising practices on child protection and peacebuilding and on how child protection programming contributes to peacebuilding and education initiatives.
Challenges and Promises of Quality Assurance in Theological Education 01 January 2013 B Challenges and Promises of Quality Assurance in Theological Education: Multicontextual and Ecumenical Inquiries by the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions ( is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Child Friendly Churches Aims 01 January 2013 Background document Aims to empower local churches to transform their local congregations and communities in favour of children.
Child Friendly Churches 01 January 2013 Background document Child Friendly Churches is a strategy to empower local churches to transform their local congregations and communities in favour of children.
Asian Forum on Theological Education (AFTE) Guidelines 31 August 2012 R With the sprouting of many theological institutions and Bible schools in Asia, there is a need for these theological education networks to come together, learn from each other and work together and come up with a mutual support mechanism to strengthen leadership formation program of the churches. Participants of the workshop affirmed the need of bringing together different theological education networks in Asia under the umbrella “Asian Forum on Theological Education.”
Asian Forum on Theological Education (AFTE) Communiqué 31 August 2012 R Theological education in Asia has been constantly under review, aimed at making it more relevant in addressing the emerging local and global challenges as well as contextual issues, which demands that programs of theological education continue to strive to form Christian theological preachers and teachers who will witness to Christ.
Keynote address on theology and unity in Oslo consultation 06 June 2012 Lecture - Speech Oslo consultation by Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary, WCC, on the “The future of theology in the changing landscapes of universities in Europe and beyond”, 6 June 2012.
Lecture at Korean Association of Theological Schools congress 23 March 2012 Perspectives in the light of the forthcoming WCC assembly in Busan
Tribute to H.H. Pope Shenouda III 18 March 2012 Tribute Condolence letter to the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church
Ecumenical Covenant on Theological Education 17 March 2012 S This public statement was formulated b y the ETE Accompaniment Group during its meeting in Bossey Ecumenical Institute 14-17 March 2012. It is recommended to the WCC Central Committee of WCC in August 2012 to be received and recommended for dialogue and study to WCC member churches and their dialogue with regional associations of theological schools in the process leading to the assembly in Busan. The statement aims at highlighting the strategic significance of ecumenical formation and theological education for the future of the ecumenical movement and reminding the churches of their responsibilities in the context of emerging challenges for the 21st century.
Speech at St Andrews, Presbyterian Church, Toronto 14 March 2012 Lecture - Speech In a series of visits to the Toronto offices of WCC member churches in Canada, and in a lecture and panel discussion on the evening of Wednesday 14 March, the WCC general secretary, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, explored contemporary hopes and challenges in the pursuit of Christian unity.
Dalit and Indigenous theologies in Asia 28 February 2012 An International Theological Symposium was jointly organized by WCC-Just and Inclusive Communities, SCEPTRE, NCCI, Bishop's and Gossner Theological College from 13-16th December, 2011 at SCEPTRE, Shrachi Centre, 74B, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata-16.
Message from conference in Hofgeismar, Germany 27 February 2012 Message Message from the conference on "Violence in the Name of God? Joshua in changing contexts" in Hofgeismar, Germany, 23 to 27 February, 2012
Good Practices Series: Massa-Massar, the Journey 31 December 2011 Background document Programmes on interfaith learning are important in Israel because they fill a gap in the educational system. Published in part by Arigatou Foundation.
Common Collaboration in Theological Education - Findings of the Birmingham process 09 April 2011 R From 6-9 April 2011 some 25 representatives of partner organizations in theological education, mission agencies, scholarship organizations and REOs met at Queens Foundation for a consultation on “International Partnership and Funding Strategies for Theological Education”, a joint international consultation hosted together by ETE/WCC and Queens Foundation for the sharing of information on challenges, priorities and collaboration needs in theological education.
The Church and the Child - Perspectives for a new initiative for theological education 21 March 2011 Lecture - Speech "Ecumenical Heritage and Perspectives For A Joint Commitment for The Future" - Contribution to a Nairobi conference on child-theology networks, 10-21 March 2011
Presentation to the World Islamic Call Society 10 January 2011 Lecture - Speech Presentation by the general secretary of the World Council of Churches, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, to the World Islamic Call Society, Tripoli, Libya, 10 January 2011
How to Defend Child Rights Affected by Climate Change 01 January 2011 Background document This education pack is a teacher’s and/or (peer) facilitator’s guide for in-school and extracurricular exploration and action activities in industrialized countries on the issue of climate change and its impact on child rights.
Developing Child Friendly Churches Resource Pack 01 January 2011 Background document Keeping children safe. A Quality Improvement System for Child Protection.
Theological education with migrant Christians in the changing landscape of World Christianity 01 December 2010 Message Theological education with migrant Christians in the changing landscape of World Christianity - Crucial issues from WCC/ETE perspective
Report of the Association of Theological Institutions of East Africa (ATIEA) Consultation 2010 17 November 2010 R ATIEA-AACC CONSULTATION OCT. 17-18 2010 The consultation was launched with the help of the AACC administration, specifically, the general secretary Rev Karamaga and the coordinator of theology desk Rev Dr. Dossou.
Towards an African Fund for Theological Education 16 November 2010 R Towards an African Fund for Theological Education in AACC. Proposal for the AACC Advisory Group on Theological Education
Inter-Orthodox consultation on the ecumenical movement in theological education and Orthodox church life 12 November 2010 S International Inter-Orthodox Consultation on "The Ecumenical Movement in Theological Education and in the Life of Orthodox Churches" held in Sibiu Romania from the 9-12 November 2010.
West African Association of Theological Institutions (WAATI) in Ghana 2010 14 October 2010 Theological Consultation Forum held at Presbyterian Women’s Conference center Abokobi, 12th -14th October 2010.
Report of ASTHEOL consultations in Yaunde and in Kinshasa Febr. and March 2010 17 February 2010 Report combining the key issues raised in Yaounde and in Kinshasa. THEOLOGICAL CONSULTATIONS YAOUNDE (14 - 17 February 2010), and KINSHASA (14 - 17 March 2010)
Child Disciplinary Practices at Home 01 January 2010 Background document This report analyses findings on child discipline from 35 MICS and DHS surveys conducted in low- and middle-income countries in 2005 and 2006.
Joint Information Service 30 November 2009 B This Joint Information Service of the WCC programme on Ecumenical Theological Education and the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI) focuses on the Theological Education World Study Report 2009 by the Edinburgh 2010 International Study Group.
Study guide on Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry 29 July 2009 Study document The stories and questions in this study guide on Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (BEM) are intended for group discussion or individual study.
Child Friendly Schools Manual 01 March 2009 Background document The Child-Friendly Schools Manual was developed during three-and-a-half years of continuous work, involving UNICEF education staff and specialists from partner agencies working on quality education.
Stand Up for Children’s Rights 01 January 2009 Background document A teacher's guide for exploration and action with 11-16 year olds.
Climate Change: Take Action Now! 01 January 2009 Background document A guide published by the Alliance of Youth CEOs and UNICEF together with UN and NGO partners to support local actions of children and young people, with special emphasis on girls and young women and guidance on child participation.
Ministerial formation, issue 111, November 2008 30 November 2008 B This issue presents a collection of voices from the Latin American discourse on theological education. It is interesting to realize how fast developments have progressed on this continent since the last special issue on Latin America in 1992, though some challenges remain the same.
Theological Education for Holistic Healing 06 November 2008 B
Statement on the future of Ecumenical Theological Education in Estern and Central Europe 27 September 2008 S
Challenges and major tasks for ecumenical theological education in the 21st century - Dietrich Werner 30 July 2008 L
West African Association of Theological Institutions - Dr. Sunday Oyalana 06 June 2008 R
The need for change in theological education - Dr. Petros Vassiliades 06 June 2008 L
The Forest of Theological Education - Mission and Ecumenism in Latin America - Dr. Jose Duque 06 June 2008 L
The challenge to developing contextual theology in pluralistic society in Indonesia - Dr. Daniel Nuhamara/Dr. Tabita Christiani 06 June 2008 R
The challenge of inter-religious dialogue and praxis to the African theological community - Dr. Emmanuel Martey (CATI) 06 June 2008 L
The challenge of imperial globalization to theological education - Dr. Ulrich Duchrow 06 June 2008 L
Report on Asociacion de Seminarios e Instituciones Teologicas (ASIT) - Welvi Enriques 06 June 2008 R
Priorities for ecumenical theological education in the 21st century - Dr. Dietrich Werner 06 June 2008 L
Perspectives of ecumenical cooperation in Theological Education in Eastern and Central Europe - Dr. Vladimir Fedorov 06 June 2008 L
Paradigm shift in theological education in Southern and Central Africa - Dr. Nathaniel Amanze 06 June 2008 S
Message from the WOCATI congress on Theological Education: A Radical Reappraisal 06 June 2008 S
Manifesto for a quality theological education - Dr. Matthias Preiswerk 06 June 2008 S
Major challenges for African Women Theologians 06 June 2008 L Keynote adress by Dr Isabel Apawo Phiri
Global solidarity in theological education and the future shape of WOCATI - ETE paper, Dr. Dietrich Werner 06 June 2008 B
Ecumenical education as an agent of transformation 06 June 2008 B by Dr Sientje Merentek-Abraham (ATESEA)
Doing theology down under - Yesterday, today and tomorrow - Dr. Raymond Nobbs 06 June 2008 L
Contextualization of Theological Education in South East Asia - Dr. Huang Po Ho 06 June 2008 L
Between the "Return to the Fathers" and the need for a Modern Orthodox Theology 06 June 2008 L Presentation by Prof. Pantelis Kalaitzides, Greece, on the work and theological approach of the Volos Academy for theological studies
Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) - Dr. Namsoon Kang 06 June 2008 R
20 Years of cooperation in the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI) - Dr. Petros Vassiliades 06 June 2008 R
ETE Jubilee - Travel through memory lane - Theological Education in the WCC orbit 06 June 2008 L
ETE Jubilee - Relevance and importance of TEF/PTE/ETE 06 June 2008 L
Education and the WCC - an overview from the beginnings to 1968 Uppsala Assembly - Simon Oxley 06 June 2008 L
14 good reasons for investing in ecumenical theological education 06 June 2008 B
Magna Charta on Ecumenical Theological Education in the 21st century - ETE reference document 03 June 2008 S
Ecumenical Learning in Global Theological Education - Legacy and unfinished tasks of Edinburgh 1910 03 June 2008 S
Ministerial formation, issue 110, April 2008 01 April 2008 B This issue of Ministerial Formation is at the special occasion both of the Jubilee of ETE as well as the congress of the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI). 50 years of work in promoting ecumenical theological education in six continents - what a history of struggling, what accumulation of dedicated efforts of many gifted theological educators, what persistency in the promotion of both contextualization and globalization of theological education are imbedded in and part of these 50 years!
Learning To Live Together 01 January 2008 Background document An Intercultural and Interfaith Programme for Ethics Information. Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children, Global Networks of Religions for Children, Arigatou Foundation.
Ministerial formation, issue 107, July 2006: 01 July 2007 B In this issue, entitled "Voices from Brazil", we hear the voices of a small group of theological students and their professors who attended the WCC's 9th Assembly in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in February 2006.
Ministerial formation, issue 109, July 2007 01 July 2007 B This issue focuses on theological education in the societies of Asia. Articles have been compiled by Wati Longchar, ETE Regional Consultant for Asia and Pacific.
Renuka Mukerji Somasekhar 01 May 2007 P
HIV and AIDS curriculum for Theological Education by Extension 01 January 2007 Advocacy report This series is produced as a resource for the empowerment of the body of Christ - to nurture the church as it seeks to become an HIV&AIDS competent church. The series consists of a distant learning curriculum and ten modules.
Ministerial formation, issue 108, January 2007: 01 January 2007 B In this issue, Ross Kinsler writes on theological education for the 21st century; Colin Smith looks at theological education in Nairobi; Roger Gaikwad provides an Asian reflection on the All-Africa TEE conference; Wati Longchar gives a visitor's impression of theological education in China; and David B. Alexnder reflects on Asian theological education under the challenge of globalization.
Child participation reference guide 01 January 2007 Background document An introduction to child participation, published by World Vision.
Viva_Programme_Portfolio 01 January 2007 Background document Tools to engage and equip people and civil society to help children.
The interactive relationship between spiritual formation and social concern 24 November 2006 Lecture - Speech Panel at Taiwan Theological College and Seminary (TTCS), 24 November 2006, by Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia, General Secretary, World Council of Churches.
Ecumenism in the 21st century 17 November 2006 Lecture - Speech Lecture at Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, on 17 November 2006, by Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia, general secretary of the World Council of Churches.
Joint Report of the Programme and Policy Reference Committees (adopted) 06 September 2006 R
Churches' Compassionate Response to HIV and AIDS 06 September 2006 R
Just Trade 06 September 2006 S
Tribute to Rev. Dr Kang Won Yong 18 August 2006 Tribute Condolence message by WCC general secretary Samuel Kobia
Workshop on disability discourse for theological colleges, Bangalore, India 28 May 2006 Report Organized by ETE-WCC/CCA, EDAN & SATHRI
The Right to Education in Pakistan 21 April 2006 S
Changing ecclesial and ecumenical context (Ecumenical conversations) 16 February 2006 B "Changing ecclesial and ecumenical context" : The WCC's Common Understanding and Vision process offers a coherent and challenging vision: a broad fellowship of churches, committed and accountable to one another, seeking visible unity in their life and witness today.
General secretary's report 15 February 2006 Report Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia: Celebrating Life - a festa da vida
Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons 16 September 2005 A
Ministerial formation, issue 105-106, July 2005-January 2006 01 July 2005 B In this double issue in Spanish, Portugues and English, theological educators from Latin America have been invited to reflect on the theme of the forthcoming WCC assembly in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and to write on texts of their choice.
Ministerial Formation, issue 104, January 2005 01 January 2005 B The articles in this issue sample a spirit of resistance to evil as experiences through violent acts in the Philippines, Nicaragua, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Russia. In many cases, church leaders remain silent and oblivious to violence and abuse of power in the home, the church and in society in general. These articles challenge us to speak out the truth with courage and vision.
Joint Statement on Development and Related Economic Policy Issues 22 October 2004 S
Ecumenical Message to the Leaders of the Church in Sudan 04 September 2004 S
Ministerial Formation, issue 103, July 2004 01 July 2004 B In this issue, we hear voices and actions taken to address violence and peace-making in a variety of contexts in church and society, in relation to the WCC campaiggn "On the wings of a dove" (25 November - 10 December 2004), which focuses on overcoming violence vs. women and children.
Ministerial Formation, issue 102, January 2004 01 January 2004 B Focussing on HIV/AIDS, this issue urges theological educators to heed the call to faith-based communities to take their rightful place at the frontline in the battle against the pandemic and, most of all, the stigma and discrimination people living with AIDS.
Interdisciplinary course on disability for B.D/M.Div degree programme 01 January 2004
Special course on disability for B.D./M.Div. degree programme 01 January 2004
Religious Freedom and Liberty in the Emerging Context 18 December 2003 S
Ministerial Formation, issue 101, July 2003 01 July 2003 B The articles in this issue illustrate how Ecumenical Theological Education (ETC) is an instrument for nurturing ecumenical consciousness.
Ministerial Formation, issue 100, January 2003 01 January 2003 focuses on developing theological, biblical and religious education thinking from different countries.
Report on an international consultation on "Christians and Muslims in dialogue and beyond" 18 October 2002 R An international consultation on "Christians and Muslims in Dialogue and Beyond" took place in Geneva, 16-18 October 2002, hosted by the World Council of Churches. It brought together representatives of major international Muslim and Christian organisations, scholars and people active in the work of local Christian and Muslim communities.
Group I: Reciprocal listening and working together in education and interpretation 17 October 2002 R An international consultation on "Christians and Muslims in Dialogue and Beyond" took place in Geneva, 16-18 October 2002, hosted by the World Council of Churches. It brought together representatives of major international Muslim and Christian organisations, scholars and people active in the work of local Christian and Muslim communities.
Ministerial Formation, issue 98-99, July-October 2002 01 July 2002 B is devoted to the results of an evaluation of theological education and ecumenical formation in Africa entitled "The Journey of Hope Continues" that began in 2001.
Ministerial Formation, issue 97, April 2002 01 April 2002 B focuses on a the theme of a 4-10 June 2001 seminar on "Transforming theological education: women and leadership" held at the Ecumenical Institute Bossey and on how gender studies and women's theologies are helping in the transformation of theological education and church ministry.
Ministerial Formation, issue 96, January 2002 01 January 2002 B challenges and encourages those in theological education and ecumenical ministerial formation to be critically aware of the life-threatening issues of the day and to do something in our methodologies and curricula to address them and deliver effective and transforming education in church and society.
Education in religion for the community 04 December 2001 R How can religious education promote good relationships in the community? Consultation for educators in religion Aya Napa, Cyprus 29 November - 4 December, 2001
Ministerial Formation, issue 95, October 2001 01 October 2001 B offers a report of the second meeting of the WCC Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation, held 18-22 September 2001 in Cartigy, Switzerland, and marked by the tragic events of 11 September.
Ministerial Formation, issue 94, July 2001 01 July 2001 B attempts to share new perspective on pedagogy and vocation in theological education, within the framework of world-wide globalization.
UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS (UNGASS), New York, 25-27 June 2001 (copy 1) 27 June 2001 S
Networking in Peace Education 24 June 2001 R Report of a consultation for and with peace educations, St Clement, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 18-24 June 2001.
Ministerial Formation, issue 93, April 2001 01 April 2001 B articles by women theologians, focussing on theological education and ministry, the urgency of scholarship grants for women, theological networks for women on violence against women, and challenges of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa in particular as it affects women's lives.
Family life education 27 March 2001 S Education and Ecumenical Formation (EEF) guidelines policy paper written by participants of the WCC-EEF/REO consultation on Family Life, Christian Nurture and Church related schools, Ayia Napa, 27 March 2001
Asia Regional Consultation on Ecumenical Learning in Partnership 14 February 2001 R Dumaguete City, Philippines 10-14 February 2001 (The following is a slightly abridged version of the report written by the consultation participants.)
List of major meetings: 1969-2001 01 February 2001 Background document WCC programme on Interreligious dialogue and cooperation
Ministerial Formation, issue 92, January 2001 01 January 2001 B articles focussing on the needs and concerns expressed by people with disabilities. Learn about the Ecumenical Disability Advocacy Network (EDAN). Contains theological reflections from Cuba, Kenya, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
Striving Together in Dialogue 01 November 2000 S This document has been published by the World Council of Churches and other partners, including Islamic organisations and specialised journals. It is the fruit of a Muslim-Christian meeting held in Amersfoort, Netherlands in November 2000. Convened by the World Council of Churches, it took stock of the various Christian-Muslim dialogue initiatives of this organisation since 1991. During the last nine years, Christian and Muslim religious leaders, educators and activists have discussed the thorny and sometimes divisive issues of religion, law and society, human rights, religious freedom, community rights, mission and da'wa and communal tensions. This document draws largely on their questions, reflections and conclusions.
Teaching Christianity in dialogue with other faith traditions 23 October 2000 Report Consultation report of a 19-23 October 2000 consultation in Geneva on "Concepts of teaching and learning in religions: teaching Christianity in dialogue with other faith traditions", held in cooperation with the German Comenius Institute "At this point in history, two main trends - globalization and pluralism - are the focus of the ecumenical movement, and are decisive elements influencing societies and all areas of education all over the world. Both trends present challenges and opportunites for intercultural and interreligious exchange and learning."
Multifaith consultation on religious education 15 October 2000 S Letter from the participants in a multifaith consultation on religious education held in Bangkok 11-15 October, 2000, to colleagues engaged in religious education within all our religious communities and in educational institutions.
Ministerial Formation, issue 91, October 2000 06 October 2000 B more papers from the "Consultation on Orthodox Theological Education and Ecumenical Themes" as well as articles on the Ecumenical Theological Education (ETE) programme from around the world.
Ministerial Formation, issue 90, July 2000 01 July 2000 B papers from the "Consultation on Orthodox Theological Education and Ecumenical Themes" plus the launching of the Sarah Chakko Theological Endowment Fund to support the theological education of women from the South and Central and Eastern Europe.
Learning ecumenically through congregational partnerships and exchanges 28 June 2000 R World Council of Churches programme on Education and Ecumenical Formation in co-operation with the All Africa Conference of Churches Nairobi, Kenya, KCCT, 23-28 June 2000 The following is a slightly abridged version of the report written by the consultation participants.
Seventh report of the Joint Working Group 01 December 1998 Report The report results from seven years' work by a dedicated group drawn from the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. The character of the document is intentionally educational. The group believed that it would in this way best serve the interest of all who wish to know not only the Joint Working Group's agenda but the growing relationship of the WCC and the RCC within the broader perspective of the one ecumenical movement which the group has witnessed and in some measure assisted.
Response by Robyn Brown 10 May 1997 L The Vocation of the Laity in Church and World: Towards an Inclusive Community on Different Levels" - a response by by Robyn Brown to the paper "Formation of the Laos".
Response by Krister Stendahl 10 May 1997 L "Formation of Christian Folks in a Plural World" - a response by Krister Stendahl to the paper "Formation of the Laos".
Response by Elizabeth Tapia 10 May 1997 L The Vocation of the Laity in Church and World: Towards an Inclusive Community on Different Levels" - a response by by Elizabeth Tapia to the paper "Formation of the Laos".
Formation of the Laos 07 May 1997 L Presentation: Formation of the Laos by Godlind Bigalke at the May 1997 international consultation on the theme: "Towards a Common Understanding of the Theological Concepts of Laity/Laos: The People of God."
AIDS and the Churches 19 August 1986 Statement: public statement Adopted by the WCC Executive Committee’s at its meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland 15-19 September 1986
WOCATI 2011 Consultation Communiqué 01 January 1970 R Communique from the 2011 Consultation of the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI), which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 4 to 8 July. The Consultation, the first ever mabe in Africa, gathered 38 representatives of Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, Pentecostal and African Independent Churches, who discussed issues of quality in theological education on a global level.
Towards A Common Charter on Quality in Theological Education, Dietrich Werner 01 January 1970 B
The Translatability of the Gospel and Theological Education in World Christianity in the 21st Century, Dietrich Werner 01 January 1970 L
Quality in Theological Education - Discussion in Francophone Networks (CEVAA) 01 January 1970 L The fragmented landscapes of theological education on global scale today and different political conditions and frameworks according to which theological education can organize itself also lead to quite different ways in which accreditation and quality assessment of higher education institutions in theological education is taking place. There has not been yet any attempt to compare and reflect theologically the different sets of criteria by which associations of theological schools asses the quality of theological education within their own area of responsibility. A major international and ecumenical research project would be advisable and deserve funding on questions like a) What are the underlining theological presuppositions for sets of quality criteria for theological education in a given social and denominational context? b) What is the relation between general or secular sets of criteria for assessment in higher theological education and specific sets of criteria which emerge out of specifically theological concerns? c) To what extend there is a common ground between different sets of criteria for theological education programs between different social and denominational contexts?
Missionary learning and ecumenical formation in regional churches in the German context - Dietrich Werner 01 January 1970 L
Mission and theological education - Suggestions for Possible Priorities in CEC for the Future 01 January 1970 Lecture for CEC Commission Churches in Dialogue, Budapest, June 2011
Global Theological Education Survey 2011-2012 01 January 1970 B Global Research on present status and future of Theological Education in World Christianity
Asian Forum on Theological Education (AFTE) 01 January 1970 S Responding to the need of working together in training future church leaders, the Ecumenical Theological Education of the World Council of Churches (ETE-WCC) in cooperation with the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), 15 representatives from regional and national theological associations, networks and partner organizations for theological education in Asia met at Trinity Theological College, Singapore on the Pentecost-weekend from 10-11, June, 2011.
Association of Theological Instititions in Southern and Central Africa (ATISCA), Johannesburg 2011 01 January 1970 R
Climate Change - Children’s challenge Background document The cost of inaction will place a great economic burden on future generations. Children will bear the higher costs of not taking action today. Published by UNICEF.