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Transforming Life, Volume 2

This document deals first with the implications of genetic engineering applied to human life and then turns to the implications for agriculture.

01 December 2005

Volume 2

Genetics, Agriculture and Human Life

World Council of Churches - Justice, Peace and Creation Team


World Association for Christian Communication

with Bossey Ecumenical Institute

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1. Introduction

2. Human Genetics

  • A rapidly developing agenda
  • Overarching issues
  • Human genetics and persons with disabilities
  • How theology can give orientation
  • Policy recommendations

3. Biotechnology and Agriculture

  • Genetic engineering
  • and its application for agriculture
  • The wider context in which genetic engineering
  • is located
  • A theological response: food, faith and freedom
  • The ethical-critique of genetic engineering
  • in agriculture
  • The way forward

4. A Primer

  • Biotechnology and the issues interconnected with and through it
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