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An anniversary prayer from the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad

A prayer written by Archishop Lauma Zusevics, of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad, for the 70th anniversary of the World Council of Churches.

12 January 2018

Lord, heavenly Father,
for 70 years you have blessed the work of the World Council of Churches (WCC) as it bid us to reach out and gather together all of your children. Thank you that through the work of the WCC countless lives have learned that you seek to bless them and so strengthen them that they might serve you and share with others in Christ’s spirit of truth. Lord, you alone know how much still needs to be done, for many wait or live in darkness and do not know that your light guides, enlightens, warms and restores hope. Thank you that the WCC has comforted others and encouraged them to faithfully walk with Christ and one another.

As members of just one of the countless nations you have created, the people of Latvia thank you as they pray in so many places in the world and understand their lives in diverse ways. May the work of the WCC remind each one of us that we are all a part of the body of Christ and each will be so much stronger when we work and pray together. As Latvia begins to look forward to 2018 and the chance to celebrate the 100th anniversary of becoming an independent nation,  please protect her and bless her also through the prayers of others in the WCC. May peace and justice prevail in our lives as we proclaim the grace of our Savior, your Son Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus, you have been the the inspiration for each member of the WCC. Thank you that for 70 years you have called and continue to call so many good, faithful servants to your service. We thank you that they have learned from you how to be wise and work for justice and peace in a true Spirit of love and joy. Increase these blessings as the anniversary nears and WCC will look back over 70 years of work in order to gain strength for each day’s task and inspiration for its future. Guide and bless us, Lord, work through us so that we might help create a more secure, just, and peaceful world for all. With love we ask this in your holy and sacred name. 

(+Lauma Zusevics,
Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad)