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Moravian Unity Board

The Moravian Unity Board is the overarching organ of the Unitas Fratrum, an international unity comprised of 19 provinces in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Central America, and North America, representing about 797,000 Christians. It maintains a permanent office in London. WCC members are the Moravian Church in America, South Africa, Tanzania, Jamaica, Suriname, Eastern West Indies, Nicaragua, and the British and European Continental Provinces; several provinces hold joint WCC membership, i.e. in America, Tanzania, Britain and Continental Europe.

Miembro de: Iglesias históricas de paz y iglesias moravas
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Alaska Province of the Moravian Church

Czech Republic Province of the Moravian Church

Evangelical Moravian Church in Honduras

Guyana Province of the Moravian Church

Labrador Province of the Moravian church

Moravian Church in Costa Rica

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(Dentro de la membrecía del CMI)
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