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Une communauté mondiale d'Églises, en quête d'unité, de témoignage commun et de service chrétien

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Council of Churches in Namibia

Founded in 1978 (forerunner: the Christian Centre, founded in the early 1970s).

Vision: The Council of Churches in Namibia is a reconciling, healing, and caring fellowship of Christian churches united in service to society.

Mission statement: The CCN is an ecumenical body, which exists to support and enable member churches to respond in faith to the spiritual and socio-economic needs of all God's people, commissioned to be a prophetic voice to the poor and other vulnerable people in society.

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Membre associé de:
(Au sein des membres du COE)
Autres membres:

African Methodist Episcopal Church

Anglican Diocese of Namibia (CPSA)

Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (GELK)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia

Protestant Unity Church (Oruuano)

Methodist Church of Southern Africa (Namibia Mission)

Rhenish Church in Namibia

Roman Catholic Church

United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (Namibia Synod)

United Methodist Church in Namibia

Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (Namibia Regional Synod)

Membres associés:
(Au sein des membres du COE)
Membres associés:

Coptic Orthodox Church

Observer member churches:

Apostolic Faith Mission

Pentecostal Protestant Church

Reformed Churches in Namibia

Observer member organizations:

Ecumenical Institute of Namibia

Students’ Christian Movement

Young Women’s Christian Association