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Sudan Council of Churches

Due to the civil war which prevailed in Sudan for 21 years, the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC) that was founded in 1965 was unable to reach many in Southern and marginalized areas of Sudan. Thus, its member churches present in these areas formed the New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC) in 1989. Despite operating as separate entities - one body with two faces - in northern and southern Sudan, the two councils worked together with their international partners and through the Sudan Ecumenical Forum for peace and justice in Sudan. The New Sudan Council of Churches and Sudan Council of Churches merged into the Sudan Council of Churches as it is today in May 2007. All programmes previously run separately by the two councils are now under one administration.

Mission statement: The Sudan Council of Churches exists to engage churches and people of good will in advocacy for peace, justice, equality, and human rights in the Sudan, and to enable member churches to acquire relevant skills and resources for ministering in word and service to the Sudanese people in general, and the poor in particular, in multi-faith, multi-ethnic and conflict situations.

The Sudan Council of Churches has five regional offices: Northern Sudan, Western Sudan, Upper Nile, Bahr E Ghazal, Equatorial Region Office.

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