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Christian Council of Togo

(Conseil chrétien du Togo)

Founded in 1983.

Basis: The member churches believe that the holy scriptures are divinely inspired and entirely trustworthy. Their doctrinal basis is the Christian faith expressed in the Apostles' Creed.

The Christian Council of Togo is an institutional framework for exchange of experiences, research, and consultation between the member churches and associate members, in view of Christian witness. The Council is apolitical.

Membre de:
Membre associé de:
(Au sein des membres du COE)
Autres membres:

Assemblies of God Togo

Baptist Convention of Togo

Church of Pentecost Togo

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Togo

International Church of Pentecost Togo

Lutheran Church of Togo

Methodist Church of Togo

Seventh-day Adventist Church of Togo

Membres associés:
(Au sein des membres du COE)
Membres associés:

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Togo