World Council of Churches

Une communauté mondiale d'Églises, en quête d'unité, de témoignage commun et de service chrétien

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National Council of Churches of Taiwan

Founded in 1991 (forerunner: the Ecumenical Cooperative Committee of Taiwan, formed in 1966, which replaced the Ecumenical Consultative Committee of Taiwan, created in 1963).

Mission statement: The purpose of the Council is to attain unity in Christ, through strengthening the relationship of churches, promoting cooperation in various services, undertaking social welfare, charitable works, and educational matters, proclaiming the Christian message, and participating in the common mission of the church to the world.

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Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Taiwan Episcopal Church

Methodist Church in the Republic of China

Taiwan Lutheran Church

Chinese Regional Bishops Conference


Bible Society in Taiwan

Christian Audio Visual Association Republic of China

Mackay Memorial Hospital

Tainan Theological College & Seminary

Taipei Christian Academy

Taiwan Christian Service

Taiwan Theological College & Seminary

The Garden of Hope Foundation

World Vision

Young Women’s Christian Association of Taiwan

Young Men’s Christian Association of Taiwan

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(Au sein des membres du COE)
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