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Guyana Council of Churches

Founded in 1967 (as a merger of the Christian Social Council, founded in 1937, with the Evangelical Council, formed in 1960).

Basis: Membership is open to churches which share a common belief in God the Father, in Jesus Christ the Son, and in the Holy Spirit, according to the scriptures, and which express agreement in writing with the aims and objectives of the Guyana Council of Churches, as expressed in the constitution.

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Autres membres:

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

African Methodist Episcopal Church

Anglican Church (Province of the West Indies)

Church of God

Church of the Nazerene

Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Guyana Congregational Union

Guyana Missionary Baptist Church

Guyana Presbyterian Church

Methodist Church (in the Caribbean and the Americas)

Moravian Church

Outreach Ministries International

Presbytery of Guyana

Roman Catholic Church

Salvation Army

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(Au sein des membres du COE)
Membres associés: