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French Protestant Federation

(Fédération protestante de France)
Founded in 1905.

Basis: The member bodies of the French Protestant Federation adhere to a charter, which states their conviction that they are called and bound together by the gospel as expressed in the scriptures, and recognize the centrality of the proclamation of salvation by grace, received by faith alone. The preaching of the Reformation, the spiritual movements entailed by the Reformation, and the ecumenical approach, affirm this conviction. In the fraternal love and freedom given by the gospel, they practice mutual eucharistic hospitality in response to the invitation of the Lord and as a sign of their communion in Christ.

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Churches and unions of churches:

Apostolic Church

Church of God in France

Church of the Augsburg Confession of Alsace and Lorraine

Community of Churches of African Approach in France

Evangelical Church of Rochefort

Evangelical Gypsy Mission of France

Evangelical Lutheran Church of France

Evangelical Popular Mission of France

Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of France

National Union of Independent Evangelical Reformed Churches of France

Reformed Church of France

Reformed Church of Alsace and Lorraine

Salvation Army

Union of Evangelical Christian Churches

Union of Evangelical Churches of the Nazarene

Union of Evangelical Churches of the Revival

Union of Evangelical Free Churches

Member associations:

Eighty-four movements, organizations, and institutions, working in a wide range of areas: children, youth, elderly people, health, social work, recreation and holidays, education, communication, arts, international relations, developÂment, etc.

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