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Korea: Christian diversity and a longing for peace


Prayer service for North and South Korea at the WCC 9th Assembly. © Paulino Menezes/WCC

Prayer service for North and South Korea at the WCC 9th

Assembly. © Paulino Menezes/WCC

Among the reasons Korea was selected to host the WCC assembly is the country's unique ecumenical “horizon”.

The invitation to meet in Korea was the joint effort of all the churches in the country, including WCC member churches, evangelical churches and Pentecostal churches.

The church has grown rapidly in Korea where nearly a quarter of the population is now Christian. The inter-religious context of Korea highlights the growing experience of living dialogue that other churches around the world face.

Korea remains a politically divided peninsula. The hope that the Korean people will one day be reunited is strong for many Koreans.

The churches in Korea, together with the ecumenical movement, have been encouraging reunification efforts for decades. The hope for reconciliation and the common witness for reunification will significantly mark the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches.

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