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Busan: an economic hub with vibrant congregations


BEXCO exhibition and convention centre in Busan, Korea.

BEXCO exhibition and convention centre in Busan, Korea.

Photo: David Peterson

Busan, on the southeastern corner of the Korean peninsula, is the second largest city in South Korea with more than 4 million people, and one of Asia's largest shipping ports. GimhaeAn international airport offers direct connections to Busan from major hubs, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Moscow, Munich and many more.

The main venue for the assembly will be the Busan Exhibition and Conference Center (BEXCO). It is one of the largest and best equipped conference facilities in the region, with a 4000 seat auditorium, a three floor convention hall, the equivalent of four football fields of exhibition space and hotels within 2 to 4 kilometres.

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Almost a fifth of Busan's inhabitants are Christian, with close to 300,000 Roman Catholics and another 400,000 belonging to various Protestant denominations.

Many congregations hold worship services in packed churches several times each Sunday. Local Christians are deeply engaged with parish life - in worship, through study groups, extensive community outreach - and witness daily to their faith in Christ through their lives.

Several local churches have joined the Korean Host Committee, which is involved in planning special services for the assembly.